Community Histories

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On the AIDS Memorial in Cawthra Park, north of the 519 Church Street Community Centre, near the junction of Church and Wellesley Streets, Toronto. Special issue on Memorializing Queers / Queering Remembrances.

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In 1945 Windsor, Ontario, celebrated the end of World War II and the return of its troops with parades, but the industrial city was shaken by a series of brutal stabbings, which in 1946 seem to target “sex deviants.”
See review by Steven Maynard in Canadian Historical Review, September 2010.

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Two groups of women are discussed: Canadian upper to middle class professionals from the early 20th century and lower to middle class women in the post WWII period. These include Constance Grey Swartz (BC) and partners Frieda Fraser and Edith Bickerton Williams (Ontario).
See review below by Kate Zieman.

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Canadian Committee on the History of Sexuality 2004 prize for best article.
Canadian Historical Association 2004 best article on the history of sexuality in Canada history prize.

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On the lives of Frieda Fraser and Edith Bickerton Williams, but the book, mentioned by a friend of Frieda’s mother, is not identified. Perhaps it was Radclyffe Hall’s The Well of Loneliness (1928).

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Coverage of sexual minority issues from the weekly magazine Alberta Report, though meant to be negative, kept the issues highly visible. These included a 1992 performance, True Inversions, at the Walter Phillips Gallery (part of the Banff Centre for the Arts) , k.d. lang’s anti-beef campaign, the firing of Delwin Vriend and an oral history project by the Red Deer and District Museum.

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Also on John Glassco (1909-1981) in Paris, and his friendship with Graeme Taylor and Robert McAlmon. Glassco’s Memoirs of Montparnass was perhaps written during the 1960s, not partly in 1928: “Glassco too was driven by the beautiful lie…” p.271.

Gay Halifax History Project
The beginning of an encyclopedia on lgbt history of the city. [viewed Nov. 21, 2005]

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Gay Liberation in Canada: A Socialist Perspective
Gay Liberation in Canada: A Socialist Perspective was originally published in 1977 by Vanguard Publications, the publishing arm of the League for Socialist Action. South Branch Publishing provides access to documents written by Chris Bearchell, Thérèse Faubert, Duncan McLean, John Riddell, and Stuart Russell. [viewed Jul. 10, 2007]

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Included is a map of popular queer spaces in Ottawa, 1960s-70s, a photograph of the Chez Henri Hotel (Hull, Quebec) and a section “Single women and lesbian space.”

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Includes a history of gay public presence in Toronto, particularly along Yonge Street, with much on the bathhouse raids of February 5, 1981.

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The site recovers the history of sexual minorities at the University of California, Berkeley.

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Canadian Committee on the History of Sexuality 2002 prize for best article.

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Igram uses cases from the BC Attorney General’s Office for the years 1909 to 1967. He notes the dangers of using these sources, as well as supposed racism as South Asians appear in the majority of early records.

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The Oberlin College Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered (LGBT) Community History Project. Oberlin, Ohio: Oberlin College Archives, 2006. Great content from the interwar period, WWII vets, interviews and comments on life in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Michael Lynch, and his life in Oberlin and later Toronto, is also highlighted. [viewed Jul. 2006]

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Includes Windsor LGBTT history timeline, 1972-2001, p.143-146.

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It is worth the time reading the comments to see what progress has been made over 40 years.

Queer U of T: an annotated history. A time-line of lgbt organizing at the University of Toronto. [Toronto]: lgbtout in History, [2009-] [viewed November 2009]

Rainbow History Project. Washington, DC: Rainbow History Project. See the section: Tours (walking and otherwise) of Historic DC GLBT Sites. Excellent brochures if planning similar Canadian tours. [viewed March 2006]

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Stand Together. Directed by Nancy Nichol. [Toronto: York University], 2003. The documentary focuses on the campaign to amend the Ontario Human Rights Code led by the Coalition for Gay Rights in Ontario (later renamed the Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Ontario).
Journal of Social and Political Thought, Summer 2003. [viewed Nov. 2003]

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In 1968 Boutilier was deported from the United States, 18 months after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of a 1952 U.S. law that provided the exclusion and deportation of aliens “afflicted with psychopathic personality,” which was applied to Boutilier’s homosexuality.

Stein, Marc. Sexual Injustice: Supreme Court Decisions from Griswold to Roe / Marc Stein. Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press, 2010. 364 p. See ch.4 “Boutilier’s defenders” and ch. 5 “Boutiler’s Defense.

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Stubblejumper Movie. Directed by David Geiss. Regina, SK: da vid films, 2008. 48-minute biographical docudrama on the life of Doug Wilson.

The Sunset of Bon Echo. Published from March 1916 until May 1920 by Flora MacDonald Denison (1867-1921) and other Whitmanites in Ontario. Of interest because of Horace Traubel’s (Whitman’s executor/biographer) death there and recent biographies mentioning his same-sex affections (Gary Schmidgall 2001).

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Timeline of LGBT history in Canada. [United States: Wikipedia, 200-]. A very spotty resource, that jumps from 1810 to 1964, where Donald McLeod’s work takes over.

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