Becki Ross

Becki Ross is an associate professor in the Department of Anthropology and Sociology at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Becki has done research in lesbian/gay liberation movements, pornography and censorship, varsity female athletes in the 1950s at UBC, and is writing a book on burlesque and striptease in post-war Vancouver.Becki is also the editor of Sexuality Studies, published by University of British Columbia. Their first publication, Bobby Jean Noble’s Masculinities Without Men? is now in print.

Ross, Becki.  Sex and (evacuation from) the city: the moral and legal regulation of sex workers in Vancouver’s West End, 1975-1985.  Sexualities. 13(2) (April 2010): 197-218.

Burlesque West book cover 2003


Ross, Becki Burlesque West: Showgirls, Sex, and Sin in Postwar Vancouver. Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 2009. PN1949.S7 R68 2009

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Making Normal book cover 2003


Ross, Becki. “Striptease on the line: investigating trends in female erotic entertainment.” p.146-178.

In Making Normal: Social Regulation in Canada. Edited by Deborah Brock. Toronto: Nelson Thomson Learning, 2003. HM811 .M34 2003

Publisher’s Synopsis


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Ross, Becki L. “Bumping and grinding on the line: making nudity pay,” Labour/le Travail. 46 (Fall 2000): 221-250. HD8101.L22

Canadian Historical Association 2002 best article on the history of sexuality in Canada history prize
Canadian Committee on the History of Sexuality 2002 prize for best article.

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Painting the Maple book cover 1998


Ross, Becki. “A lesbian politics of erotic decolonization.” p.187-214.

In Painting the Maple: Essays on Race, Gender and the Construction of Canada. Edited by Veronica Strong-Boag, Sherrill Grace, Joan Anderson, Avigail Eisenberg. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 1998. FC97 .P351998

Publisher’s Synopsis

See review by Valerie J. Korniek in Canadian Historical Review. 81(3), September 2000.

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Bad Attitude/s on Trial book cover 1997


Ross, Becki L. “‘It’s merely designed for sexual arousal’: interrogating the indefensibility of lesbian smut.” p.152-198.

In Bad Attitude/s on Trial: Pornography, Feminism, and the ‘Butler’ Decision. Brenda Cossman, Shannon Bell, Lise Gotell and Becki L. Ross. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1997. HQ472.C3 B32 1997

Ross, Becki L. “How Lavender Jane loved women: re-figuring identity-based life/stylism in 1970s lesbian feminism.” Journal of Canadian Studies. 30(4) (Winter 1995-96): 110-128. FC1 .J68

The House That Jill Built book cover 1995


Ross, Becki L. The House That Jill Built: A Lesbian Nation in Formation. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1995. HQ75.6.C3 R6 1995

See review by Amy Gottlieb “Lesbian feminism in its prime.” Centre/Fold (Toronto Centre for Lesbian and Gay Studies). 10, Spring 1996. (This electronic version is via the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives homepage)
See review by Susan G. Cole in Canadian Woman Studies 16(2) (1996): 123-124.


Ross, Becki L. “Dance to ‘Tie a Yellow Ribbon,’ getting churched and buy the little lady a drink: gay women’s bar culture in Toronto, 1965-1975.” p.267-287 In Weaving Alliances : Selected Papers Presented for the Canadian Women’s Studies Association at the 1991 and 1992 Learned Societies Conferences. Edited by Debra Martens ; introduced by Greta Hofmann Nemiroff. Ottawa: Canadian Women’s Studies Association = Association canadienne des études sur les femmes, 1993. HQ1106 .W43 1993

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Awards and Honours

Canadian Historical Association 2002 best article on the history of sexuality in Canada history prize
Canadian Committee on the History of Sexuality 2002 prize for best article.



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