Steven Maynard

Photo by Ed Jackson from Queer Sites Conference, University of Toronto, 1993

Back: Don McLeod, Rob Champagne, Steven Maynard
Middle: Jonathan Katz, Alan V. Miller, Roger Spalding
Front: David Churchill (Queer Sites Conference, Toronto, 1993)

Steven Maynard is a Canadian social historian, specializing in the history of sexuality. His work has appeared in the Canadian Historical Review, the Journal of the History of Sexuality, Radical History Review, Labour/Le Travail, Journal of Canadian Studies, and the Canadian Review of Comparative Literature. Steven is finishing a book, Infamous Men: Homosexuality and the Police in Urban Ontario, 1890-1940 and is working on an edited collection, Sodom North: Explorations in Canadian Lesbian/Gay History(University of Toronto Press).”Steven Maynard teaches history at Queen’s University, in Kingston. (See his entry under Adjuncts.) He is also co-chair (with Patrizia Gentile) of the Canadian Committee on the History of Sexuality.

Maynard, Steven. “Lust in the lavatory.”  Xtra. 722(Jun 28, 2012): ?

Second part of series on Toronto.

Maynard, Steven. “Cruising Toronto’s past.” Xtra. 721(Jun 14, 2012): ?

First installment of a three-part series on Toronto gay history: “The series looks at how and why men searched for sex in the city’s public places, as well as at men’s inevitable clashes with the police. Each installment explores a different urban space: parks, lavatories and laneways.”

Maynard, Steven. “Cruising on Rideau St.” Xtra. (Ottawa) 243(May10, 2012): ?

Several early 1900s court cases of Ottawa arrests.

Maynard, Steven. “Back streets and boarding houses.” Xtra. (Ottawa)  242(Apr 12, 2012): ?

Maynard, Steven. “Naked civil servants.” Xtra. (Ottawa) 241(Mar 15, 2012): ?

“Most of the men during this period did not adopt a gay or homosexual identity. Those identities would become popular only later in the century, and we should avoid projecting onto men in the past our present-day categories and labels.”

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Left History issue table of contents

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(Abridged from the Journal of the History of Sexuality, 1994, HQ12.A1 J66)

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Includes reprints of articles by Ross Higgins and Line Chamberland, as well as an interview of Jim Egan by Robert Champagne.

Maynard, Steven. “”The burning, wilful evidence’: lesbian/gay history and archival research.” Archivaria. 33 (Winter 1991-92): 195-301

Steven goes over some Canadian archival sources and problems doing lesbian/gay historical research.

Maynard, Steven. “When queer is not enough: identity and politics in Queer Nation.” Fuse Magazine. 15(1/2) (Fall 1991): 14-18. NX513 .A1F88

On the early 1990s group Queer Nation Toronto.

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Review of Male Order: Unwrapping Masculinity edited by Rowena Chapman and Jonathan Rutherford, 1988.

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