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Khayatt, Didi
Kinsman, Gary
Korinek, Valerie

Khayatt, Didi

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Khayatt, Didi. Lesbian teachers : an invisible presence / Didi Khayatt. Albany : State University of New York Press, c1992.


Khayatt Didi’s UofT library page

Kinsman, Gary

Kinsman, Gary teaches in the Department of Sociology, Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario.Gary has been a strong force in lesbian/gay, feminist, labor union, global justice, anti-poverty, and left issues. He was a central figure in the publication of Rites (1984-1991), a Canadian national gay and lesbian magazine published out of Toronto. He helped found Gays and Lesbians Against the Right Everywhere (GLARE) and the Lesbian and Gay Pride Day Committee of Toronto. He was later involved in AIDS ACTION NOW!, and in AIDS organizing in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. He helped to organize the first Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Two-Spirited Pride march in Sudbury in 1997.


Kinsman, Gary. “Against national security: from the Canadian war on queers to the ‘War on terror’.” In Locating Global Order : American Power and Canadian Security after 9/11. / Edited by Bruno Charbonneau and Wayne S. Cox. Vancouver: UBC Press, 2010: p.149-166. FC242 .L63 2010


Kinsman, Gary. “The Canadian national security war on queers and the left.” In New World Coming: the Sixties and the Shaping of Global Consciousness. / Edited by Karen Dubinsky … [et al.]. Toronto : Between the Lines, 2009: p.77-86. D848 .N485 2009


Kinsman, Gary; Gentile, Patrizia. The Canadian War on Queers: National Security as Sexual Regulation. / Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 2009. HQ76.3.C3 K54 2010

Publisher’s Synopsis

See review by Mark Lovewell “Dangerous liaisons: revealing the hidden history of anti-gay security measures in Canada.” Literary Review of Canada (LRC). 18(5) (June 2010): 9-10.

Kinsman, Gary. “Allan Bérubé, 1946-2007.” Against the Current. 135 (July/August 2008).

Allan Bérubé was a community-based historian whose book, Coming Out Under Fire, The History of Gay Men and Women in World War Two, (New York: The Free Press, 1990), was very influential for research conducted outside of a academic position.


Kinsman, Gary.”Mapping social relations of struggle: activism, ethnography, social organization.” In Sociology for Changing the World: Social Movements/Social Research. / Edited by Caelie Frampton, Gary Kinsman, A.K. Thompson and Kate Tilleczek. Black Point, N.S.; Winnipeg: Fernwood, 2006: p.133-156. HN18.3 .S63 2006

See review by Scott Neigh “Review: Sociology for Changing the World.” Upping the Anti. no.3, 2006.

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(Reprinted from The Regulation of Desire: Homo and Hetero Sexualities, 1996).

Publisher’s Synopsis

Kinsman, Gary. “‘These things may lead to the tragedy of our species’: the emergence of homosexuality, lesbianism, and heterosexuality in Canada.” In Sexing the Maple: a Canadian Sourcebook. Edited by Richard Cavell and Peter Dickinson. Peterborough, Ont.: Broadview Press, 2006.

Kinsman, Gary. “Toronto Pride 1981 – setting the historical record queer.” Autonomy & Solidarity. June 22, 2005. Pride organizing was a project of Gay Liberation Against the Right Everywhere (GLARE).

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See also: Kinsman, Gary.”Queerness in not in our genes: biological determinism versus social liberation.” p.262-284.


Kinsman, Gary. “Challenging Canadian and queer nationalisms.” In In a Queer Country: Gay and Lesbian Studies in the Canadian Context. / Edited by Terry Goldie. Vancouver, BC: Arsenal Pulp Press, 2002: p.209-234. HQ75.16.C3 I52 2001

Publisher’s Synopsis

Awards and Honours

2002 Lambda Literary Award (Nominated)

See review by Stephen Guy-Bray “Queer and now.” In Canadian Literature. 180 (Spring 2004): 137-138.
See review by Oren Howlett in Cultural Studies Review. 8(2), November 2002.

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Review of Different Rainbows, edited by Peter Drucker. Gay Men’s Press: London, 2000.

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Kinsman, Gary; Gentile; Patrizia. “In the Interests of the State”: The Anti-gay, Anti-lesbian National Security Campaign in Canada: A Preliminary Research Report / by Gary Kinsman and Patrizia Gentile with the assistance of Heidi McDonell and Mary Mahood-Greer. [Sudbury, Ont.] : Laurentian University, 1998. 146pp.

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Kinsman, Gary. “‘Heterosexual hegemony.” Canadian Dimension. 28(3) (May/June 1994): p.21-24.

On the Cold War era in Canada and homosexuals treated as “security threat” during the 1950s and 1960s.

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See review by Keith Alcorn in Square Peg. 19 (1988): 38.

Kinsman, Gary. “More on Sex and the State and social construction.” In Sociologists Gay Caucus Newsletter. 46: ?, January 1986. Comments on the conference, “Sex and the State: Their Laws, Our Lives,” held in Toronto in June 1985.


Kinsman, Gary’s Laurentian University webpage

Korinek, Valerie

Photograph of Valerie Korinek
Korinek, Valerie teaches in the History Department of the University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon). Her area of interests are Canadian cultural, gender and social history.

Korinek, Valerie J. “‘We’re the girls of the pansy parade’: historicizing Winnipeg’s queer subcultures, 1930s-1970.” Histoire Sociale. 45(89) (May 2012): p.117-155.

“This research asks provocative questions about how the nature of place (a major prairie capital city) and space (commercial venues, public parks, and private homes) permitted, constructed, and constrained queer activities. ” — Abstract


Korinek, Valerie. “A Queer-eye view of the prairies: reorienting Western Canadian histories.” In The West and Beyond: New Perspectives on an Imagined Region. / Edited by Alvin Finkel, Sarah Carter, and Peter Fortna. Edmonton: Athabasca University (AU) Press, 2010: p.278-296. FC3206 .W475 2008

Based on papers presented at the conference: The West and Beyond: Historians Past, Present and Future, held at the University of Alberta, 19-21 June, 2008.

Here Valerie mentions her book-in-progress, Prairie Fairies. Of interest are the stories of Norman Dahl, and especially the women Lilja Stefansson and Evelyn Rogers, as well as Maureen Irwin.

Korinek, V.J. “Passion is political: an analysis of Martha Vicinus’s Intimate Friends.” Journal of Women’s History. 20(4) (Winter 2008): p.151-155.

Forum on the book Intimate Friends: Women Who Loved Women, 1778-1928 by Martha Vicinus, published in 2004.

Korinek, V.J. “Book reviews.” Urban History Review. 35(1) (Fall 2006): p.51-52.

Review of Don McLeod’s A Brief History of GAY, Canada’s First Gay Tabloid, 1964-1966. Toronto: Homewood Books, 2003. HQ76.95.C3 M35 2003

Korinek, Valerie. “Activism = public education: the history of public discourses of homosexuality in Saskatchewan 1971-93.” In “I Could Not Speak My Heart”: Education and Social Justice for Gay and Lesbian Youth. / Edited by James McNinch and Mary Cronin. Regina: Canadian Plains Research Center, University of Regina, 2004: p.109-137

See book review by Peg Russell, Briarpatch, August 2005.


Korinek, Valerie. “‘It’s a tough time to be in love’: the darker side of Chatelaine during the Cold War.” In Love, Hate, and Fear in Canada’s Cold War. / Edited by Richard Cavell. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2004: p.159-182. FC95.4 .L69 2004

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Review of Jean Barman’s Sojourning Sisters: The Lives and Letters of Jessie and Annie McQueen.


Iacovetta, Franca; Korinek, Valerie J. “Jell-O salads, one-stop shopping, and Maria the homemaker: the gender politics of food.” In Sisters or Strangers? : Immigrant, Ethnic and Racialized Women in Canadian History. / Edited by Marlene Epp, Franca Iacovetta, Frances Swyripa. Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 2003: p.190-230. HQ1453 .S58 2003

Publisher’s Synopsis

Korinek, Valerie. “‘The most openly gay person for at least a thousand miles’: Doug Wilson and the politicization of a province, 1975-1983.” Canadian Historical Review. 84(4) (Dec. 2003): p.517-550. FC1 .C355

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Korinek, Valerie. “[Review of] Only the Lonely: Finding Romance in the Personal Columns of Canada’s Western Home Monthly, 1905-1924.” Canadian Historical Review. 82(4) (Dec. 2001): p.776-778. FC1 .C355


Korinek, Valerie. Roughing It in Suburbs: Reading Chatelaine Magazine in the Fifties and Sixties. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2000. PN4914.W6 K67 2000

Publisher’s Synopsis

See review by Richard Harris in Urban History Review. 31(2) (Spring 2003): 54-55.

See review by Heather Murray in Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada. 40(1) (Spring 2002): 76-78.

See review by Lori Chambers in Canadian Historical Review. 83(1) (March 2002): 138-140.

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Korinek, Valerie. “You’ve come a long way baby? Chatelaine helped feminist movement.” The Bulletin (University of Toronto). Feb. 19, 1996

On Korinek’s PhD work, spent over three years pouring over 240 issues of Chatelaine.

Korinek, Valerie. “‘Mrs. Chatelaine’ vs. ‘Mrs. Slob’: contestants, correspondents, and the Chatelaine community in action, 1961-1969,” Journal of the Canadian Historical Association, New series #7, 1996: 251-275. FC1 .J72

Korinek, Valerie. “No women need apply: the ordination of women in the United Church, 1918-1965.” Canadian Historical Review. 74 (4) (December 1993): p.473-509. FC1 .C355


Valerie Korinek’s homepage