Julia Creet


Julia Creet teaches in the Department of English at York University. She specializes in literary nonfiction, feminist theory and historiography and has published essays on queer theory.

Creet, Julia. Wittig, Monique (1935-2003) Chicago: glbtq, Inc., [2004]. Site: www.glbtq.com [viewed May 12, 2004]

Creet, Julia. “Voyage from Lesbos: aggression, ambivalence, and psychoanalysis in the fifties.” Paradoxa (Vashon Island, WA). 18 (2003) : 251-278?

Creet, Julia. “Anxieties of identity: coming out and coming undone.” p.179-199. In Negotiating Lesbian and Gay Subjects. Edited by Monica Dorenkamp and Richard Henke. New York: Routledge, 1995. (Fifth Annual Lesbian and Gay Studies Conference, held at Rutgers University in 1991.)

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Creet, Julia. “Daughter of the movement: the psychodynamics of lesbian S/M fantasy.” Differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies. 3(2) (Summer 1991): 135-159.


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