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Elise Chenier formerly taught in the Women’s Studies Program, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec. She has moved to the Department of History at Simon Fraser University. Her research subjects include butch-femme bar culture of Toronto during the 1950s and 1960s, the history of criminal sexual psychopathology, and sex in male prisons.Elise is also an SDS Fellow of the Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies.

Chenier, Elise. “Hidden from historians: preserving lesbian oral history in Canada.” Archivaria (Special Section on Queer Archives). 68 (Winter 2010): 247-269.

Cover of book Strangers in Our Midst, 2008


Chenier, Elise. Strangers in Our Midst: Sexual Deviancy in Post-war Ontario. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2008. HV6593.C3 C44 2008

Publisher’s Synopsis

“Popular discourses regarding sexual deviancy, legislative action against sex criminals, and the implementation of treatment programs for sex offenders have been widely attributed to a reactionary, conservative moral panic over changing sex and gender roles after the Second World War. Elise Chenier challenges this assumption, arguing that, in Canada, advocates of sex offender treatment were actually liberal progressives.”– Publisher’s website

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Chenier, Elise. “Rethinking class in lesbian bar culture: living ‘The Gay Life’ in Toronto, 1955-1965.” Left History. 9(2) (Spring/Summer 2004): 85-118.

Left History issue table of contents

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[Viewed Sep. 2006]

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