E-reserves are course readings that are available in a digital format via D2L Brightspace.

Placing Items on E-Reserve

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Copyright & Teaching

Checking student usage of readings

NEW: Copyright Considerations

As of Dec. 31st, 2015 Ryerson University opted out of the Access Copyright licence that covers published works like books, magazines, newspapers and journals. Any material that is being used in E-Reserve that exceeds 10% or one chapter of a work  and is not covered by a Library Licence will need to get permission cleared for the work so that it can be made available to your students. We will do our best to clear permissions for the work but may not be able to do so in some cases, based on a variety of factors, including availability of a licence, class size and cost issues. Please note that permission often is not available for amounts that exceed 15%, especially if the work is a textbook. You may be asked to:

a) adjust the amount of a reading you can make legally available to your students or consider alternative readings OR

b) consider placing the book on Print Reserve OR

c) send the readings that are over 10% or one chapter of a work to the Campus Store to be processed as a short course pack.

Thanks so much for your patience in this time of transition and please email copyrt@ryerson.ca with copyright questions if they arise.


416-979-5000 x4939 or reserve@ryerson.ca