Borrowers are responsible for library materials which they lose. Lost materials are subject to any fines accrued when the item is reported lost, and to any replacement fees. In addition, there will be a $10-$20 processing fee.

Minimum Charges for Lost Materials

Books $100.
Feature Films $50.
Documentaries $250.
Reference CD $510.
Microforms $60.
Music CD $20.
Reprints $20
Periodicals $100.

Charges will be increased if the material’s actual cost is higher; all paid charges are non-refundable.

Materials overdue for 40 days or more  will be automatically billed to the patron’s account at the cost of the item. Materials claimed returned, or reported lost, will be  traced once a week for 4 weeks and are not eligible for renewal. If still missing once the trace is completed, the replacement cost is billed to the borrower. If the patron locates the item during the tracing process, it should be returned as soon as possible to the Circulation Desk. A fine will be charged based on the item’s original due date.

Recalls: When material is recalled, including when it is being traced and overdue, fines accrue at double the rate listed. If recalled, overdue books accumulate fines at $1/day. If recalled, overdue reserve materials accumulate fines at $2/hour.

Accidental Damage: If an item is damaged, a replacement cost will be charged to the borrower as listed above.

A book with a status of “Missing” or “Lost”  may be obtained  from another library through Interlibrary Loan.

see also Theft and Vandalism Policy