Ryerson Reads Programming for the Ryerson Community Includes:

MonthlyA digital package sent to you monthly with a guide for book clubs, writing reflections, playlists, and self care resources.
OctoberWriting Black Joy: Fall writing workshop for Black students

In partnership with Ryerson Library, Consent Comes First and Human Rights Services. Most mainstream stories about Black lives are often about trauma and violence—which can beget more trauma. But what if we shifted the narrative to include more stories about Black joy? What if we still could write about our struggles, but from a place of love, laughter, and light? In this writing workshop, you’ll identify several moments in your life where joy—whether in the form of a family member or friend, an interaction with a stranger, a life-changing event, or an act of self-love (or defiance) brought you clarity and joy during a tough time. 
Led by Eternity Martis
WinterWriting Trauma Through Comedy: Winter writing workshop for Ryerson community

In partnership with Ryerson Library, Consent Comes First and Human Rights Services. What are the benefits of humour when writing about trauma? What are the benefits of reading stories about trauma that have a humourous element? In this workshop, we’ll explore the uses of humour and tone when writing about rape culture and #MeToo, a break-up, depression or anxiety, and near-death experiences and how it can help us better understand ourselves and the situation. Bring your essay to the workshop (early drafts are okay) and get ready to workshop your draft through the use of comedy.
Led by Eternity Martis
November 25, 2020They Said This Would Be Fun Talk Back Panel: Misogynoir on Campus  Featuring Notisha Massaquoi, Eternity Martis and other panelists
March 10, 2021They Said This Would Be Fun: Black Women in Journalism

Join us this International Women’s Week to listen to Black women in journalism share their experiences in the field, the changes that the profession needs to implement and ways they are building community together.

Presented in collaboration with Media Girlfriends, Consent Comes First, the Office of Sexual Violence Support and Education at Ryerson, Ryerson Library, and Ryerson School of Journalism.
Moderator: Nana aba Duncan 
TBDUnique programming for We Heal Together

A group for Black Students Exploring Alternative Healing Methods.