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This is an annual campus-wide reading program for all Ryerson’s students, faculty, and staff. This year’s program is a collaboration between Ryerson Library and Consent Comes First, the Office of Sexual Violence Support and Education. By registering you will receive a personal reading copy of the book and gain access to a number of events and programs over the course of the year. Please complete this form to register and to indicate your preference of a print or e-book version of this year’s book selection They Said This Would Be Fun. The Ryerson Library will provide you with your personal reading copy or send you details on how to download the eBook (quantities are limited).

You will need to download the Kobo App onto your phone/tablet/laptop in order to read the eBook version.

Ryerson Reads 2020-2021 Selection

They Said This Would Be Fun by Eternity Martis

This engaging book is about being a Black student on a predominantly white campus dealing with misogynoir and other forms of anti-Black racism. A book-smart kid from Toronto, Eternity  was excited to move away to Western University for her undergraduate degree. But as one of the few Black students there, she soon discovered that the campus experiences she’d seen in movies were far more complex in reality. Over the next four years, Eternity learned more about what someone like her brought out in other people than she did about herself. She was confronted by white students in blackface at parties, dealt with being the only person of colour in class, and was tokenized by her romantic partners. She heard racial slurs in bars, on the street, and during lectures. And she gathered labels she never asked for: Abuse survivor. Token. Bad feminist. But, by graduation, she found an unshakeable sense of self—and a support network of other women of colour. Using her award-winning reporting skills, Eternity connects her own experience to the systemic issues plaguing students today. It’s a memoir of pain, but also resilience.

Registration closes Friday, September 25. 

Programming Includes:

  • Writing Black Joy: Fall writing workshop for Black students
  • Writing Trauma Through Comedy: Winter writing workshop for Ryerson community
  • They Said This Would Be Fun Talk Back Panel: Misogynoir on Campus
  • They Said This Would Be Fun: Black Women in Journalism Panel
  • A monthly digital package with a guide for book clubs, writing reflections, playlists, self care resources.

Read full programming details here.

About Ryerson Reads

Ryerson Reads is an annual campus-wide common reading program for students, faculty and staff. It is an opportunity for the community to listen to voices and stories that are vital to our campus growth. Through events and programming, Ryerson community members are invited to meaningfully read and reflect together during the academic year. By opting into the program you will receive a free copy of this year’s selection. This year’s program is a collaboration between Ryerson Library and Consent Comes First, the Office of Sexual Violence Support and Education. 

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