QR Code that links to the Library's mobile website

What is this?

A QR code is a two dimensional barcode which, when scanned with reader software installed on your cell phone, allows you to access a variety of digital resources – a piece of text, a website, send a SMS or email.

Scanning a barcode with your phone is much quicker and easier than keying the data via your phones keypad.

QR Codes in the Library Catalogue

In the Library catalogue, scanning the QR code will let you quickly capture the the title, location and call number of any item you wish to find and save it on your phone.
Screenshot from an iPhone of how the i-nigma QR code reader interprets the QR code in the Library catalogue for the book The Blank Swan. The title, location and call number of the book are displayed on the phone.

How do I set up my phone to use QR codes?

Most newer cell phones with a camera are able to capture QR codes. You will need to install free barcode scanning software on your phone such as:

The QR codes in the Library catalogue will send text to your phone. Other QR codes may link you to a page, document or file on the web. If you are not using a wireless network, please be aware that data charges may apply.

Try scanning the QR code above – it should take you to the Library’s mobile website.