The Library is intended as a place of quiet study. On floors 6, 7, 9, and 10, we ask for absolute quiet, although low level discussion will be permitted in the group study rooms on those floors. Please bear in mind that these rooms are not soundproof, and that the level of group discussion must be respectful of the “absolute quiet” culture of the floors as a whole. On floors 4 and 8, group study is permitted. However even on these floors boisterousness is not acceptable and non compliance may result in eviction. During regular patrols Security Guards will speak to users who are found making excessive noise. However all staff are expected to ask users to contain noise whenever it is encountered but particularly on these study floors. Users who encounter unacceptable noise levels should direct their complaints to the reference desk on the 2nd floor. Staff will tell users who refuse to be quiet that they are not complying with the Library’s rules of acceptable behaviour. After three warnings and continued refusal to comply they will be asked to leave the Library. Security will be called to assist in eviction should that be necessary.

Non compliance: In the case of students who fail to comply with the rules when requested, a report will be made to the Director of Student Services who is responsible for the Student Code of Conduct.