Policy on Filming and Photography in the Library

Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to establish the terms and conditions under which Library space may be used for filming, still photography and/or video production. This policy applies to filming, photography and video production by current Ryerson students, with the exception of photographers employed by the University for public relations purposes.

Principles: The Library is a place where Ryerson students, faculty, staff and members of the public study, conduct research, and use information resources and services. As such, the first claim for use of space is to those persons engaged in study, research and use of information resources and services. The Library is a space where some require quiet, and where our Code of Library Conduct is designed to set the framework for providing a minimal noise environment. The Library is also a place where students work collaboratively, and as such we have designated floors and bookable group study rooms to permit the quiet talk associated with group work.

Policies: Filming is permitted in the Ryerson Library under the terms and conditions set out in this policy, and in the Student Film Shoot Request Form. Please note that NO filming is permitted on quiet study floors (6, 7, 9 and 10) – this includes group study rooms located on these floors. Also, NO filming is permitted for the period from one week before the start of an exam period until the end of the exam period.

Procedures: Persons wishing to direct a film shoot should complete the Student Film Shoot Request Form. This form should normally be completed at least 48 hours in advance of the filming. Other circumstances will be approved on an ad hoc basis. Any staff person on duty at the Research Help Desk has the authority to approve a film shoot, upon satisfactory completion of the form. The staff person on duty may consult the Communications and Liaison Librarian or the Chief Librarian if there are conditions which require further clarification and/or approval. Security will be advised of any approved film shoots.

Any student filming in the Library must:

  • undertake to leave the Library clean,
  • abide by the terms of the Code of Library Conduct noted above,
  • assume responsibility for costs associated with damage to the premises which occur as a result of the filming, and
  • advise the Librarian on duty and/or Security staff of any problems which arise during the film shoot
  • obtain photo release forms for all non-crew/cast persons filmed or photographed

Date policy approved: October 21, 2010