Librarians and faculty cooperate to develop the Library’s collection. The selection process is coordinated by Collection Services. Recommendations for the purchase of materials are accepted from faculty, staff, and students via librarians but final responsibility for the selection of library resources lies with librarians. Recommendations for major purchases of electronic resources and for all serials subscriptions must be submitted for consideration to the Electronic Resources and Serials Review Committee.

Approval Plan

Ryerson Library uses an approval plan to help facilitate collection development.

An approval plan is a collection development tool used by the majority of university libraries. Libraries employ vendors to facilitate the approval plan. A subject profile is defined with the vendor detailing the subject areas the library wishes to acquire. In addition to subject areas, price, format, and publishers are taken into consideration. Once the profile has been refined, the vendor will automatically ship the books to the library on a regular basis; however the profiles are under continuous review and can be modified at any time. Our approval plan operates on the basis that we prefer electronic content where available (print is preferred for content of ephemeral nature); exceptions to this rule are considered on an individual basis, and requests for print material in lieu of electronic will not be denied unreasonably.

The benefits of using an approval plan include saving the time of librarians and library staff, consistent expenditure of funds, substantial discounts, and faster receipt of newly published material.

Demand Driven Acquisitions

Demand driven acquisitions (DDA) is an approach to collection development that allows libraries to purchase items as they are used. The effect is that we have a collection of high value monographs as determined by our users and an efficient mechanism for expenditure of resources. RULA uses this approach in the following ways:

  1. Patron requests:Requests for specific titles are reasonably fulfilled. We encourage a dialogue regarding the collection and encourage suggestions for purchase. These can be emailed to the appropriate subject librarian or via the Suggest a Purchase form.
  2. Interlibrary Loan (ILL) → Acquisitions:In some circumstances, we are able to fulfill ILL requests for books faster via purchase than through borrowing from another library. Our staff evaluate these requests on a case by case basis and make a determination based on turnaround times and price. Requesters are notified and a hold is automatically placed on the title for the patron.
  3. Demand-driven acquisitions via our book supplier:We work with YBP Library Services to provide a comprehensive DDA program. Based on the parameters as defined in our approval plan, ebook titles that are DDA eligible  (determined by the publisher) are made available for discovery via the library website. The library is not invoiced for these titles until they are triggered for purchase by patron use.