A.   Priorities and Criteria

The library strives to build a collection of excellent resources that reflect both the needs of the university community and the finite and fluctuating nature of our fiscal resources. Electronic access is preferred. The Library applies consistent practices and priorities in the expenditure of its resources through analysis of use, demand, relevancy and format.

B.  Languages

The Library normally acquires materials in languages other than English only in support of either the language curricula (French, Spanish and Chinese) or reference needs (e.g., dictionaries or encyclopedias.  Some resources in other languages are acquired if they have a primarily visual content (e.g. architecture, fashion, etc.).

C.  Multiple Copies

In general, the Library does not intentionally purchase multiple copies, regardless of format.

D.  Donations

Via an established procedure, the Library considers the donation of books and other materials. Please refer to the Ryerson Library Donations Policy on the Library’s web site for details.

E.  Copyright

The procurement of all materials will conform to copyright legislation.