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Library Projects

The work culture at the Ryerson Library fosters creativity and experimentation.  This has resulted in the completion of a variety of novel and interesting projects.  Here are a few that we have been working on recently:

Self-Service Kiosk

kioskThe Library’s Self-Service Kiosk is located in the lobby of the library.  The application was developed in-house to help with way-finding and to provide information about library resources and services.  The kiosk helps library visitors navigate the library, map books to their locations using the Book Finder app, find available computers, see what events are scheduled and identify academic support services in the building.  This service was launched in the fall of 2013.

In February 2015 this kiosk was updated to include information about the newly opened Student Learning Centre.  Additional touch-screen kiosks will be installed in the lobby of the SLC.

Book Finder

Book Finder logoDeveloped over a number of years by various work study students and in-house programmers, we launched the Book Finder in November 2012. (See the blog post announcing the release.)

While mapping items to the shelves is not a new idea, most examples only highlight a shelf on a floor plan. The biggest problem is that the item information is completely separated from the floor plan, so users cannot look at both the floor plan and the item details at the same time.

In addition to displaying item details, a shelf number is also included for all regular stacks. Corresponding shelf signs have been installed on the bookshelves so that users only need to rely on call numbers once they are already near the books.

In the future, we are looking to implement search capabilities for various spaces in the library including computer labs, study rooms, and staff offices.