Ontario Library Association Conference, 2014

Madeleine Lefebvre presented a session entitled, Ryerson University Library and Student Learning Centre: Space Making from Sow’s Ears to Silk Purses.

Ann Ludbrook co-presented at a session entitled, Beyond Books: Practical Copyright Solutions for Dealing with Non-Textbook Formats.

Steven Marsden, David Quast and Fangmin Wang presented Creating Intuitive, Innovative and Interactive Library Experiences.

MJ Suhonos co-presented The Future of Library Systems.

Sally Wilson presented a session on Libraries and ebook Creation.

Josephine Choi and Naomi Eichenlaub presented a poster entitled Mobile Access to Academic ebook Content:  A Ryerson Investigation.

Lei Jin and Jay Wolofsky presented a poster about Searching the Deep Web.

Kevin Manuel and Dana Thomas presented a poster called Summon Now & Then: Student Satisfaction Two Years On

Ursula Trescases and Weina Wang presented a posted entitled E-Learning for Library Assistants & Shelvers

Other Recent Presentations and Papers

Marina Morgan presented a poster entitled “Digital Humanities and Metadata: Linking the Past to the Digital Future,” at the DCMI International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications in Lisbon, September 2013.  The poster was co-authored by Marina, Fangmin Wang and MJ Suhonos.

Aileen Farray, Lies Weijs and Doris Lovadina-Lee co-hosted an Education Institute webinar entitled “Fifty Shades of Grey: RDA is not Black and White”.

Naomi Eichenlaub published “Checking in with Google Books, Hathi Trust and the DPLA” in Computers in Libraries, Vol. 33 (9): 4-9.

Courtney Lundrigan co-presented “Incorporating Mapping Technology into Library Services” at the Ontario Library Association’s Super Conference in Toronto in February 2012.

Kevin Manuel and May Yan presented a poster entitled “Analysis of New Discovery Service at Ryerson University” at the Ontario Library  Association’s Super Conference in Toronto in February 2012.

Trina Grover co-presented “Visualizing RDA for Public Services” at the Ontario Library  Association’s Super Conference in Toronto in February 2012.

Graham McCarthy presented “Library Mobile Architecture Project” at the  Ontario Library  Association’s Super Conference in Toronto in February 2012.

Ophelia Cheung, Fangmin Wang, Sally Wilson, Steven Marsden and Flora Hon presented a poster entitled “Ares in BlackBoard: A Modern War and Peace Story”  at the Ontario Library  Association’s Super Conference in Toronto in February 2012.

Professor George Kapelos (Department of Architectural Science) and Susan Patrick presented “Image & Text Experience: Teaching Architecture with Special Collections Visual Resources, a Collaborative Approach” at the ARLIS/NA Conference in Toronto in March/April 2012.

Eichenlaub, N., Gabel, L., Jakubek, D., McCarthy, G., and Weina Wang, “Project iPad: Investigating Tablet Integration in Learning and Libraries at Ryerson University”, Computers In Libraries, Vol. 31, No. 7 (Sept 2011) (link)

Additional Library publications can be found in Ryerson’s Digital Repository