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We are online to support you! Get information on Library resources and services for: Students | Instructors | Researchers. For Ryerson campus information, visit: Ryerson COVID-19 Information and Updates

Publications & Activities

Ryerson Library Digest

Continued virtual services, new Library developments and renovations

Image with Virtual teaching, learning, SRC and new Library developments

Virtual teaching, learning, SRC and new Library developments

Looking ahead to the winter term

Back to school in Fall 2020
Open Educational Resource
Supporting spring and summer SRC
Supporting spring and summer learning and teaching

Staff Publications

Ryerson librarians and staff regularly contribute to the profession with conference presentations and journal articles. See a few of our recent contributions or for a more comprehensive listing check the Ryerson University Library Digital Repository.

Brochures for Faculty and Graduate Students

Academic Support and Services for Faculty and Graduate Students

Meet your Arts Librarians

Meet your FCAD Librarians

Meet your FCS Librarians

Meet your FEAS Librarians

Meet your FOS Librarians

Meet your TRSM Librarians


Library Technology Projects

Information about technology projects created in-house.

Virtual Exhibits

These exhibits promote resources and services through displays and exhibitions, a part of the library’s public relations program.

Archived Publications

Archive of Library publications including Nexus, Library Update, Press Releases and older versions of the Library Brochure.