Searching for Articles

The easiest way to find articles is through the Library databases. The databases act like search engines for scholarly articles, magazine and newspapers.

  • Library databases help you search for subject-specific articles
  • Provide the full text of the article for free. Click on the “Full Text” or the “Get it” button in the results to connect to the full text.
  • Some contain records for government documents, books/ book chapters, dissertations, theses or images

Finding Library Databases

  1. Go to Library Homepage
  2. Click on Research Databases tab
  3. From the pull down menu pick your subject area or “multi-disciplinary”
  4. Pick from the list of databases in your subject area
    1. You will have to search more than one database – different databases contain different articles on your topic
  5. Start your search using the search technique


Research Databases tab on Library’s Homepage 

research databases

List of Databases in Subject area Biology

list of databases in subject area

Search Example

Here’s an example of how you can search databases for Stem Cell Research and Ethics.

  • Go to the Research Database Tab on the homepage (See image above)
  • Pick the subject area Multi-Disciplinary 
  • Pick the Database called “Academic Search Premier
  • Enter the search terms: Stem Cell Research AND Ethics
    • You can limit your search by “Scholarly peer reviewed” or by year etc.


Search Page on Database (Academic Search Premier)

Search page on database

Look for the following in the results list:

  • Is it a peer reviewed Article, Newspaper article or PhD dissertation (This database has icons to help you)
  • Where is the full text link or “Get It” button
  • You can email the article to yourself or group
  • You can email the article citation to yourself


Results page for the search “Stem Cell Research AND ethics” in Academic Search Premier.

Results page


Locating the Email and Citation links in Academic Search Premier

Locating email and citation links



Have a citation and need to find the article? Watch this video on Finding Articles from Citations. (Open Captions).