Searching for Books

Your local public library might have some books on your topic, but they will be more for personal reading and will offer basic information.


To find scholarly and in-depth books you need to use Ryerson Library’s search engine. Plus, you can find other resources like DVDs and Government reports.


The three main ways to search are keyword, title and author.

  • keyword search retrieves the most results because it searches for the word(s) throughout the entire collection.
  • If you know of an important author or book title in your field of study, you can search specifically for them.

Keyword Search:

  • Go to the Library website:
  • Click on the tab called Books in our search area
  • Click on the tab “Keywords
  • Enter your keywords

Location of Keyword Search – Ryerson University Library website homepage


Keyword search

Understanding your Results List

Look out for the following elements on your result list.

  • Status
    • Available
    • Due Back on….
    • Online – (this means its an e-book or a website)
  • Call Number
    • Write it down or
    • Take a picture of it with your phone (we also have a QR barcode)
    • Email or text it to yourself (look for the link)
    • Watch a video on how to read call numbers
  • Floor Location
    • Try our Find on Shelf button for a map to your book.

Video: Need more Help? Watch our Video on How to Read Call Numbers. (Open Captions)

Understanding your Result List (book available on the 10th floor or on-line as an e-book) 

Uunderstanding your results list