Google vs. the Library Catalogue
(It’s all about Free Access to Quality)


If you prefer to conduct all your research through Google or another search engine, remember this! wiseowl


The Library has purchased e-books and paid expensive subscriptions to article databases on your behalf. When you search through the library’s catalogue, you get access to the e-books and full text Scholarly articles because you are a Ryerson Student (You’ll be asked to sign-in using your my.ryerson account).


When searching through Google etc, you will hit what’s called a “Pay Wall”, which will ask you to pay a fee to access the full text article or e-book. Do not pay the fee!. Just visit the Library’s website and re-enter your search, most likely we have it and even if we don’t – we can get it for you through our “inter-library loan” program.

Google Scholar

Google scholar offers you the ability to search Ryerson Library’s full text articles through the Google search interface. In order to avoid the “Pay Wall” you need to set up your preferences in Google Scholar.