Bibliography Example Using APA


Keeping good notes on your sources will help you create your bibliography. The following information is always required no matter what citation style you use:

  • Surname(s) and initial(s) of the author(s);
  • Title
  • For articles, the title of the article and journal, plus volume and issue number;
  • For a chapter of an edited book, the chapter and book’s title and editor(s)
  • You also need the first and last page numbers if it is a journal article or a chapter in an edited book.
  • The date of publication;
  • The publisher* and place of publication
  • URL or DOI** number (for online sources)

*The publisher’s name is normally on a book’s main title page, and often on the book’s spine too.

** DOI number is associated with articles and will help your user find the article. It will be listed on the article’s first page.

APA Example

Here is an example of a Bibliography using APA. Take note of the differences in listing books, articles and websites. Also note the formatting – including what titles to italicize, periods, commas, etc.


Burns, N., & Grove, S. (2005). Understanding nursing

research (5th ed.).Toronto: Saunders.


Clark, C. C. (2008). Classroom skills for nurse educators. Sudbury,

MA:Jones and Bartlett.


Friedman, L., Engelking, C., Wickham, R., Harvey, C., Read, M., &

Whitlock, K. B.(2009). The EDUCATE Study: A continuing education exemplar for ClinicalPractice Guideline Implementation. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, 13(2), 219-230. doi: 10.2030123


Kelly, M., Lyng, C., McGrath, M., & Cannon, G. (2009). A multi-

method study to determine the effectiveness of, and student attitudes to, online instructional videos for teaching clinical nursing skills. Nurse Education Today, 29(3), 292-300. doi: 10.109745457


Liu, Y. R., Loh, E. W., Lan, T. H., Chen, S. F., Yu, Y. H., Chang,

Y.H., Chiu, H. J.(2009). ADRA1A gene is associated with BMI in chronic schizophrenia patients exposed to  antipsychotics. Pharmacogenomics Journal, 14(2), 129-315. Retrieved from CINAHL with full text.


National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. (2008). Sickle cell

anemia: What is sickle cell anemia? Retrieved from