Scifinder – upgraded from 2 user license to unlimited seats. For instruction or group training, please request training access by writing to, at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled instruction.

Factiva – upgraded from 6 concurrent users  to unlimited users.

GMID – upgraded to full Passport GMID

A Passport GMID subscription includes:

  • 8 million internationally comparable market statistics on industries, countries and consumers
  • 18,000 full text market reports, company reports and country reports
  • Expert analyst comment on emerging industry trends, country trends and consumer trends
  • Details of thousands of information sources to aid further research
  • Powerful data analysis functions allowing users to customise data for specific needs

Mergent Annual Report Collection (April 2012)

Mergent Archives is an online database providing access to a vast, indexed collection of corporate and industry related documents. Containing more than 180,000 documents covering over 100 countries and industries, Mergent Archives uses a reliable and easy to navigate system designed to meet your historical research needs.

Mergent’s Full Collection of Digitized Manuals
Beginning with the very first Moody’s Manual published in 1909, Mergent offers more than a century’s worth of global corporate data fully digitized into high quality, PDF formatted documents.

Ford Equity Research Reports
Mergent Archives offers up to 3 years of multi-page equity research reports released weekly for over 4500 U.S. and Canadian companies. Clear and factual in its design the Ford Equity Research Report provides ratings, recommendations, sector analysis and company financial information.

Annual Reports
Access more than 85 years of Annual Reports for companies across the globe through Mergent Archives' historical annual report collection dating back to as early as 1925.

Industry Report Collection
Since 2003, Mergent, Inc. has been providing detailed analysis and forecasts on two dozen major global industry sectors from Textiles to Aviation for the North American, European, Asia Pacific, and Latin American regions. Mergent Archives offers you our entire collection of these semi-annually released Industry Reports.

University Press Scholarship Online (April 2012)

The library recently purchased the complete University Presses Scholarship Online (UPSO) publishing up to and including March 2012, offers 9,000+ titles in 23 subject areas, from nine leading university presses:

The full collection allow users to have a far wider range of recently published and classic monographs from across the range of excellent university presses, exposing users to some of the most important humanities, social sciences, and science monographs.

Springer e-books 2012 (April 2012)

There are a total of 4,725 titles projected in 2012, across 12 subject areas.
The following Springer imprints are included in the Springer eBook collection:

Birkhauser Mathematics
Copernicus Books
Humana Press (excluding the Methods series)
Plenum US

Patron-Driven Acquisition Project e-books

The library partnered with Ebrary for its Patron-Driven Acquisition (PDA) program which allows users to browse a preselected set of e-books and purchase a book on demand based on usage without a patron’s knowledge. Triggers for purchase include ten minutes of browsing, unique interactions, any copying or printing. A total of 688 e-books were purchase,  across all disciplines, from publishers such as McGraw Hill, Wiley, Elsevier, as well as a wide selection of university presses.