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FP Advisor New Issues, previously known as FPInfomart provides information on public offerings by Canadian companies, governments and agencies. Canadian governments include all three levels – federal, provincial and municipal.

FP Advisor Corporate Surveys(formerly Corporate Profiler) provides a wide range of information including generally two years of financials for over 4,500 publicly-traded Canadian companies. The major categories of information include: Financial Ratios, Company Profile, Recent Developments, Employees, Incorporation, Financials, Historical Summary, Current Financial Position, Auditors, Related Companies, Major Shareholder, Capital Stock, Capital Changes, Dividends, Long-Term Debts, Directors and Contact Information, as well as a record of past changes to companies (from the FP Survey of Predecessor & Defunct Companies print publication).

FP Advisor Corporate Analyzercontains fundamental data items on over 1,400 Canadian publicly traded companies. Corporate profiles include information such as share price statistics, ratios, company information and financial statements. A limited set of data, such as beta and dividend yield is also available on a current (spot) basis.

FP Advisor Corporate Reports provides access to Canada’s leading publicly-traded companies: the historical reports (500 companies), investor reports (900 companies), and 23 industries reports. These are the electronic equivalent of the financial post’s “yellow and blue cards”. These reports are in HTML format. There are 3 components: investor reports, historical reports and industry reports, updated quarterly, annually, and monthly, respectively.

FP Advisor Dividends provides information about historical and future dividend payments for all publicly traded companies in Canada. Dividend payments are listed as cash, stock or a combination of both. In addition, FP Dividends includes a record of other corporate events such as name changes, company meetings, purchase offers and exchanges, redemptions and rights offerings.