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EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit)

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Access is available on and off campus to Ryerson University students, faculty and staff.
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EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) provides country, industry, management analysis and forecasts on over 200 countries, nine strategic industries, and a full range of management functions through the following services:

ViewsWire provides daily updated analysis and views on business, economic trends, political and market developments from around the world. ViewsWire covers over 200 countries with three years of archived information.

Country Reports provides in depth information on issues shaping the country: the political scene, economic policy, domestic economy, sectoral trends, foreign trade and payments. Country Reports covers 200 countries and is updated monthly.

Country Profile provides detailed background on a country’s economic and political status and background. Statistical tables give a five-year run of data on issues such as manufacturing, fiscal policy and unemployment. Country Profile covers 200 countries and is updated annually.