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Electronic Resources Terms of Use

Ryerson University Library licences electronic resources by subscription or purchase. These licences come with Terms of Use that place limitations on how you can use these resources. Each resource may have a different Terms of Use. If you want to use Electronic Library Resources for teaching purposes please follow these instructions. Below we have listed general guidelines that govern use of all Ryerson University Electronic Resources for students, faculty, and Ryerson employees.

Please read the section below carefully.

As an authorized Ryerson user it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with the Terms of Use posted for each Ryerson University Library electronic resource.  Terms of Use presented on the provider website will supersede the following guidelines.  In general, where specific terms are not provided, you must abide by the following TERMS OF USE:

  • The use of all electronic resources subscribed to by the Ryerson University Library is restricted to current Ryerson students, faculty and staff.
  • The use of the Ryerson University Library electronic resources is for educational or research purposes only.
  • You may not use these electronic resources for any commercial or private industry purpose.
  • You must not in any way republish or redistribute any part of these electronic resources. For example, you cannot make content from the resources available to unauthorized users in print or electronic form via email, a web site, a database, mail etc.
  • You may not share your right to access to these electronic resources with any other person or organization.  For example, sharing your my.ryerson account is prohibited.
  • As per copyright law, you may not engage in systematic or substantial printing, copying, or downloading of content such as:  entire journal issues, entire runs of a journal, a large number of sequential articles, a substantial number of images, or sections of electronic books beyond what is allowed by the publisher.
  • You must read and agree to the terms of the licence or copyright agreement for each specific electronic resource whenever such an agreement is presented. Where an explicit agreement is not required, by using the electronic resource you will have implicitly agreed to their posted licence or terms of use.
  • You should not remove or alter the copyright holder’s information.
  • You should always cite the source of the electronic work in your research.

Violation of the above-mentioned licensing agreement may result in the vendor of the resource suspending access FOR THE ENTIRE RYERSON UNIVERSITY COMMUNITY. In the event of confirmed abuse disciplinary and/or legal action may be taken against individuals.