Faculty & Staff Registration

We invite Ryerson Faculty to apply with their projects and ideas, whatever the duration or scope.  We ask that the teams join with the understanding that they will give us feedback about their experience and programming, so we can best adjust to fit faculty need.

Individual applications are for single CUPE or RFA faculty/instructors who would like access to drop-in workspace and technology resources. Individual faculty are free to explore the Collaboratory in whatever area they are interested in, whether to learn about new equipment or peruse their own research. Our goal is to lower barrier to entry to access equipment for faculty.

Project applications are for researchers who need dedicated workspace, storage, expedited access to technology or would like access for their research teams. Projects may only need a week of fabrication time space, or six months of program development time, and we would like to accommodate all. Once project leads have filled out this form, they will be contacted to schedule a meeting to discuss how the project will fit in the Collaboratory space.