Welcome to the Library Collaboratory

The Ryerson University Library Collaboratory is a space and interdisciplinary research hub on the 3rd floor of the Library, accessible via the SLC third floor crossover. The Library Collaboratory provides faculty, their research teams and graduate students with space and technology resources to facilitate research and course development. We accept registrations from faculty members, graduate students, and research teams (working under a faculty member), to use this community workspace. Contact us with inquiries at collab@ryerson.ca. Accessing the Collaboratory: Unless an event is marked Private, members are welcome to access the space for quiet work at these times. Unless noted below, all other dates and time are open to members for regular use of Collaboratory space.

For Faculty

Individual faculty are free to explore the Collaboratory in whatever area they are interested in, whether to learn about new equipment or peruse their own research. Our goal is to lower the barrier for access to equipment for faculty. Fill out this form to verify faculty/instructor status and for requesting door access.

For Research Teams

Researchers who have a project team or would like dedicated space work can apply with a research project. Faculty whose research assistants need space to work or access to technology are welcome to register using this form, and will be contacted with progress.


How we can help

Through the Collaboratory, the library provides access to workspace and technology resources for Ryerson faculty, sessional instructors, staff, and graduate students.

Community + Workspace

Researchers and/or research teams get access to a multi-configurable work space for research meetings or physical fabrication, a quiet room for interviews, and more.

Consultants + Project Support

Collaboratory Consultants are available to assist and advise on project development. Our diverse skill set covers a variety of technologies and disciplines.

Technology Resources + Fabrication

Access 3D printers, laser cutters, digital embroidery machines and more. Consultants on staff can provide members with one-on-one tutorials for technology resources.

Upcoming Events

Nothing from March 31, 2020 to May 1, 2020.

Logo and Acknowledgment

All researchers and (and associated assistants) who access Ryerson Library Collaboratory resources (including consultation, workspace and training) in support are required to acknowledge this support by displaying the Ryerson University Library logo.
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