About Collab

The Ryerson Library Collaboratory is a space and initiative in the 3rd floor of the Library. The Collaboratory provides faculty and their research teams with space and technology resources to facilitate research and course development.

We are accepting registrations from both individual faculty and team projects looking to use our space.

For Faculty

Individual faculty are free to explore the Collaboratory in whatever area they are interested in, whether to learn about new equipment or peruse their own research. Our goal is to lower the barrier for access to equipment for faculty. Fill out this form to verify faculty/instructor status and for requesting door access.

For Research Teams

Researchers who have a project team or would like dedicated space work can apply with a research project. Faculty whose research assistants need space to work or access to technology are welcome to register using this form, and will be contacted with progress.

How we can help

Through the Collaboratory, the library provides access to workspace and technology resources for both RFA and CUPE faculty.


We have a number of tutorials available weekly for faculty, including Laser Cutting and Digital Embroidery.

Project Support

Library staff are available to assist and advise on project development. Our diverse skill set covers a variety of technologies and disciplines.

Workspace & storage

Accepted projects get access to a multi-configurable work space for research meetings or physical fabrication, a quiet room for interviews, and more.

Upcoming Events

Nothing from December 14, 2018 to January 14, 2019.