Trial: Inspec on EBSCO platform

Ryerson has Inspec available as a trial through April 10th, 2017.

Created by the Institution of Engineering and Technology, this database provides abstracts and indexing to the scientific and technical papers in physics, electrical engineering, electronics, communications, control engineering, computing, information technology, manufacturing, production and mechanical engineering.

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Trial: eHRAF Archaeology and eHRAF World Cultures

Through April 28th 2015, Ryerson has trial access to the eHRAF Archaeology and eHRAF World Cultures

eHRAF Archaeology focuses on in-depth descriptive documents of archaeological traditions from around the world. eHRAF is unique in having subject indexing at the paragraph level. This allows detailed and precise searching for concepts not easily found with keywords.

eHRAF World Culture’s cross-cultural database contains in-depth descriptive information about cultural and social life written by first-hand observers such as ethnographers.Similar to eHRAF Archaeology, this database indexes subject at the paragraph level.

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New to our collection: Kanopy streaming

After a successful trial, Ryerson Library has subscribed to Kanopy, a streaming service that provides the platform to a host of educational video productions covering a wide range of subjects, including arts, humanities, health, business, education and more. The collection has over 20,000 video titles from various producers.

The videos will best be used in support of courses, as they can be integrated with Blackboard and accessed remotely by students. The majority of the videos are closed captioned and clip-making is allowed.


Ryerson Library currently has trial access to through Dec 5th 2014. features a diverse compilation of streaming training videos in the field of counseling, psychotherapy, addiction, and more. Geared for a variety of teaching needs, it includes single-session demonstrations, multiple-session demonstrations, clinical case consultations, interview and documentary style films. Most use actual clients.

The videos cover most major modalities, including individual therapy, group therapy, couples and family therapy, child therapy, art therapy, psychodrama and therapeutic communities using a wide representation of client populations. Running searchable transcripts, downloadable instructor’s manuals, and clip making with direct sharing are available. The content is searchable by keyword, expert, and therapeutic issue.

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Trial: ProQuest International Datasets

Ryerson has trial access to ProQuest International Datasets through Dec 10th 2014.
Aggregated datasets from national governments, international organizations, and research firms, ProQuest International Datasets is a collection of global macroeconomic and demographic statistics powered by DataMarket. Data is taken from multiple sources, enabling users to simply and immediately query and compare data and to share their findings.
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Last day! Trial: IBISWorld

Ryerson Library has trial access to IBISWorld through Oct 27th 2014. (Trial is now over.)

IBISWorld’s NAICS collection analyzes industries at the 5-digit level offering the latest content on 700 industries. Research covers economic, demographic, and government data. Each industry report consists of 30 to 40 pages of key statistics and analysis on market characteristics, operating conditions, current and forecast performance, major industry participants and more. 4-page iExpert Summaries are available through this trial.

This trial includes access to the following modules:

  • Canada Industry Reports (NAICS) – 350 Reports
  • US Industry Reports (NAICS) – 700 Reports
  • US Specialized Industry Reports – 600 Reports
  • US Industry iExpert Summaries
  • Canada Industry iExpert Summaries

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Update #1 – October 21, 2014

To keep our access to the content stable, the PDF download function of the reports have been disabled for the rest of trial. You can still access the reports online, print from your web browser, download excel files of info charts and save images using your web browser.

Update #2 – November 14, 2014

Thank you all for your interest in this trial.  We are pleasantly surprised by the amount of positive feedback we have received about the trial, and we know that there is a strong desire for us to subscribe to this product.

Given to our budget limitations, we are unable to subscribe at this time. However, we have put IBISWorld on our “wishlist” and re-visit the product as resources allow.

For the time being, please note that Ryerson Library does have other resources that provide retail industry reports and statistics. Find more information in our Market Research guide and/or ask our reference staff  for suggestions.

Trial: The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music Online

Ryerson has trial access to The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music Online through Nov 14th 2014.

With more than 9,000 pages of material, combined with entries by more than 700 expert contributors from all over the world, this encyclopedia is a comprehensive online reference resource devoted to music research about all of the world’s peoples.

Each volume contains an overview of the region, a survey of its musical heritage, traditions and themes; and a description of specific musical genres, practices, and performances. Articles include detailed photographs that show musicians, musical instrument, and the cultural context of dances, rituals, and ceremonies. Other images include drawings, maps, and musical examples for further study. Since its first publication in 1997, The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music has been the pre-eminent reference work for research in ethnomusicology. The online version of all 10 volumes will be available to our users through this trial.

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Trial: iPolitics

Ryerson has trial access to iPolitics through August 8th 2014.
Online and independent, iPolitics delivers up-to-the-minute non-partisan political news, information and analysis from Ottawa and across Canada. It provides in-depth coverage of politics as well as briefs about what’s making news at home and around the world.

Other features include:

  • iPolitics Opinions: read the commentary and analysis in Canada
  • The Editors Blog: features the site’s daily must read stories.
  • Livewire feed: connects you to the top stories pulled from other sources as the news is breaking.
  • Live updates of QP from journalists on the Hill.

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New Resources: Curio from CBC

Ryerson now has access Curio. includes news reports, documentaries, and archival material, as well as programs like The Nature of Things with David Suzuki, Doc Zone with Ann-Marie MacDonald, and Enquête with Alain Gravel. The portal has seven main subject categories – Arts, Business, Education, History and Geography, Health, Science, and Social Sciences. brings students and instructors up-to-the-minute audio and video content specially chosen for the learning environment, in a secure, 100% commercial free space.

Resources Upgrade: Gale Business Insights : Essentials to Global

Ryerson University Library has upgraded our Gale Business Insights subscription, from the Essentials to the Global version.

Gale Business Insights: Global contains:

  • Case Studies from Gale CaseBase with information from over 300 additional publishers
  • Interactive LiveCharts for economic and business indicators, which analyze and generate custom charts
  • Inline article content that lets users explore the broader context behind events and trends they perceive in economic data
  • Hundreds more economic and business indicators that let users analyze economies, companies, and industries
  • Global company, country, and industry overviews, as well as interactive rankings and stats
  • Global industry research reports for specific industries within specific countries
  • Academic journal articles, periodical articles, news articles, newswires and other news media
  • Company histories and market share data including unlisted companies in Europe
  • Videos focused on topics in management, leadership,and other areas.