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Dialogues for Change: RE:Thinking Politics – POSTPONED

A Library Series in Partnership with the Democratic Engagement Exchange at the Faculty of Arts

NOTE: This event has been postponed until further notice


The University Library and Democratic Engagement Exchange at the Faculty of Arts are partnering to deliver a year long series of programming for the university community that aims to instill and normalize participation in democratic processes and conversations. 

Civic literacy, and the literacy of listening, are guiding principles of the series and will be used to establish the framework through which conversations are grounded. The overall goal is to connect these key concepts  to our democratic institutions. The series will work to unpack power and politics, and deconstruct contentious language that inevitably arises in many discussions about politics. 


Event 1: The Question is Everything: Listening to the Data

Date: Wednesday, October 20

Time: 3 – 4:30 p.m.


Workshop Description:

One month after Canada’s 44th federal election things look much the same as they did prior to Sept. 20; however, there is still much to unpack and learn. Polling data and questions play a large part in elections. But, is election polling good or bad? Who gets polled and how? Who does it include and who does it leave out?  

Join us for a workshop that aims to demystify and deconstruct polls, gain insight into polling processes, and discuss how polls are skewed by creating an alternate poll.

 Listening to poll data reveals gaps about whose voices are included and whose voices get left out.

Registration opens Oct 6



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