3rd and 4th Floor Renovations

We’re renovating the 3rd and 4th floors of the Library!  This two-phase project will begin this summer, and should be completed by March 2017.  The renovations will provide students with approximately 60 quiet study spaces, and enhanced opportunities for experiential learning on the 4th floor.

In order to accommodate these renovations, the 4th floor will be closed beginning Monday, July 25. Students who currently use the open study space and the Graduate Reading Room and lounges on the 4th floor are encouraged to use the 8 floors of study space now available in the Student Learning Centre at Yonge and Gould Street, easily accessible through the connection on the Library’s main floor.  Collaborative work rooms can be booked for group study, and a card-accessible quiet study space for grad students is available on the 7th floor of the SLC. If you are unfamiliar with study space in the SLC, please note that daily tours are available at 12 p.m. during the week, starting at the Welcome Desk near the entrance doors. Students can register online for a tour  to learn about the different options for study space available in the SLC.

Phase One will begin in July 2016, and should be completed by Fall 2016. Highlights of Phase One include:

  • Combining the Ryerson Archives & Library Special Collections in a single location on the 4th floor of the Library Building
  • Enclosing the open study area on the south side of the floor to create a reading room and display space
  • Installing compact shelving to accommodate archival materials and special collections (including growth space)
  • Enclosing the open study area on the north side of the floor to accommodate quiet, individual study on a day-to-day basis and provide a venue for events
  • Creating a workspace and digitization suite to enable our collaborative partnership with the Centre for Digital Humanities

Phase Two is scheduled to begin mid-November 2016, and should be completed in Winter 2017.  Highlights include:

  • Consolidating operations and staff associated with the Library’s Information Technology Services (LITS) group in a single location adjacent to the SLC and the Digital Media Experience (DME – 3rd floor, SLC)
  • Creating a point of access to the LITS area from the SLC’s 3rd floor bridge
  • Provide flexible infrastructure to accommodate collaborative activities and extend the DME’s maker space capacity

Thank you for your patience as we embark on this exciting renovation project!

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