Library Renovations

CONSTRUCTION_POSTER_WebWe’re helping to build a bridge to your future! Renovations are underway in the Ryerson Library to ensure ease of access to the bridge that will link the Library Building with the new Student Learning Centre (SLC) at Yonge and Gould.

During the first phase of the renovations, access to the Library will be via a temporary entrance at the current Library exit. The renovations will include:

  • Converting the Library’s entrance doors to “hold open”, to permit both entry and exit through these doors. When the SLC opens next year, there will be a substantial increase in the volume of pedestrian traffic into and through the Library. Placing the existing Library entrance doors on hold open will ease the flow of this traffic.
  • Removing a portion of the blonde feature wall that’s inside the existing Library entrance to ease the flow of traffic through the Library. During the renovation, the blue floor directory and LCD panel that are affixed to the wall will be removed temporarily. The way-finding kiosk and the vending machine in the Library lobby also will be relocated during the construction.
  • Repositioning the Library’s security gates to accommodate the change in traffic patterns that will emerge when the SLC opens.
  • Closing the Library’s existing exit and converting the doors to windows.

The projected completion date for the renovations is the end of August, and we apologize for any inconvenience to our users.   If you have any questions regarding these renovations, please ask a staff member, or email

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