5 thoughts on “Holiday Closure

    • Hi Adriana,

      The library is closed during the mid-winter break, as is the university, so there is no way for us to process returns during this period. All the best for a relaxing and safe break!

  1. Merry Christmas. My barcode number is *********. I am trying to check my grades and my academic standing, and I cannot access them. The browser gives me this message, “You have a hold on your records. Please go to the Holds section on your Student Center for details”. The department withhold is for Library-Circulation. However it has no amount. This is because I paid the $20 fine that I had a week before the deadline of December 21st. And when I check my library file I have no overdue amount in “fines”. Please check my file and let me know if there are other payments I have to make or anything else I can do. I have to access my grades so I can enroll for my winter 2012 classes, in case I didn’t do well in one of my Fall 2011 courses.

    Thank you!
    and Happy holidays!


  2. I am trying to check my grades and my academic standing on ramms and I cannot access them. The message says I have a Hold on my records. I have a paid a 10 dollar fine that was cut in half from 20 dollar fine. I checked the fines on the library website and it stated that there are no fines on my account. My bar code number is ********. is it possible to check my account and let me know the reason of the hold on my grades.

    Thank you

  3. I too cannot check my grades because of a hold on my records due to a MISTAKE that the LIBRARY made and corrected at the beginning of December. They told me I had two overdue books (which I did not, because I returned them a month prior) and that I had unpaid fines for both. I emailed them about this, they got back to me less than two hours later saying the books have been found and removed from my file. So I did nothing wrong and am still having my grades withheld from me. Needless to say, I am not happy about this and someone will be getting an angry letter from me.

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