Library open late starting April 4

Happy Friday!  The Library will be open until 1:30 a.m. from April 4 – 29 for late night study.  Circulation and the IT desk will be staffed, and Security will continue to patrol the building.  All floors will be accessible until 1:30 a.m. For more information, please view the Library hours

Your feedback is important to let us know if we should continue opening until 1:30 a.m. in the future –  so tell us what you think!

48 thoughts on “Library open late starting April 4

  1. GREAT IDEA! However some schools have libraries open all night– maybe in the future Ryerson should try that approach.

  2. Great idea. During the school year, the library should be open all night for studying, just like U of T’s Robart’s library.

  3. I think this is a great idea and should have been implemented a long time ago… students never sleep when they are stressed and what a better way to use their time then to study or finish assignements.

    Please keep these hours on a continous basis.

  4. This is a great idea. Longer hours is definetely going to make things easier. I think 12pm is too early especially if people are coming to study after work. As mentioned in above comments I think 24 hours would be AWESOME!!!! :)

  5. Great! It would be even better if this was always implemented. Opening earlier on weekends (especially during exams) would be greatly appreciated as well. If we can have an exam at 9am on a Saturday morning shouldn’t we be able to get into the library as well?

  6. Thank you for extending the library hours during exam time. I personally think it would be even better if the library was open 24 hours. Laptop service and such does not need to be available 24 hours, but just the study spaces. Also, opening at 10am or so during weekends would be great. All this only for the exam month would be fantastic.

  7. Please keep the library open this late ALL YEAR! This is an awesome idea and it will help so many of us out! 24 hour library is a great idea too.

  8. AWESOME IDEA!!! like everyone says here…24 hours library would be AMAZING!!! appreciate it being open 4 exam time but all year long would be even better.

  9. 1:30 is an improvement but I am disappointed that it’s not open 24 hours a day like UFT. I’m paying thousands of dollars/year on tuition. I want a 24 hour library!

  10. This is a fantastic idea, and I know myself and lots of others will definitley be taking advantage of that! I echo the calls for a 24 hour library but even implementing these late hours year round would be much appreciated!

  11. The extended hours to 1:30 is great. However, being open earlier on Saturday and Sunday mornings would definitely help accomodate schedules of students that work on the weekend. As well, many universities (U of T’s Robart’s Library) are open 24-hours and this is extremely convenient and more conducive to studying. Though more work on Ryerson’s part – I think Ryerson’s student community would greatly benefit from this extension.

  12. This is great! As many have said above this would be great all year, but I’m happy to see that ryerson is taking a step in the right direction! It’s all about progress!

  13. This is a great change which should have been done long time ago. considering the amount of students enrolling at Ryerson and the capacity of the Library, I believe the size of the library and its inconvenient hours of operation is one of the most significant challenges which Ryersonian face right now.
    Even though I strongly believe our library should be open 24/7 as other schools such as U of T, I respect and strongly support the new hours of operation and hopefully this will continue as the regular hours of operation.

  14. 24 hours will be great, but we all know students procrastinate and do their studying 2 days before the exam, so this idea is great.

  15. This is a great idea, though long overdue. I too would push for a library that is accessible 24hours like other major Universities in Canada. Student staff, security, et al would appreciate more paid hours; students studying would appreciate the extra time to study or complete assignments, especially if they dont have access to a computer at home or have to work in the evenings to fund their ever increasing tuition; Ryerson could pretend it has the best interest for its students. It’d be a win for everyone.

  16. GREAT IDEA ! You obviously understand the student demographic you are dealing with; unlike ALL the other post-secondary institutions who assume that every student not only owns a Mac Book, but lives in a home the size of Darlington Manor, complete with Jeeves the Butler, many of us are constrained as to where, when, and how we can go about our study once the RU library closes for the day. Thanks

  17. This a great step towards moving the hours of operation to one of a 24/7 service. Main desk services such as the laptop rentals can end at a certain time but study spaces should be available. There were MANY times I was left to find less secure places on campus to study after being kicked out from the library. This way, I have that extra couple hours to finish up my group assignments and head home. If anything 24/7 services during exams would be ideal if making it stay open all year round is not feasible.

  18. This is great. It would be even better to have this in the last of every semester. I am sure quite a few people would like to take advantage of this.

    Just make sure to put it up on those big flat panel screens around the library for more awareness.

  19. This is just great! It’s about time… thank you for recognizing that we need longer hours to study and the library is one of the few places that we can get the peace and quiet we really need.

  20. A 24 hour library is all feasible, possible and highly in demand, however, let us celebrate each step; hooray to the new hours – please adopt them, for the long run!
    Thank you, RyeLib.

  21. I think that its fantastic that the Ryerson Library has decided to extend its operating hours during the month of April until 1:30am! Of course it would be ideal if the Library was open 24 hours a day. At first I thought that this dream would not be possible, as no librarian would be willing to work those crazy hours…but on second thought, you don’t need the librarians to stay in the library past 12:00am. All students needs is space, peace, quiet and perhaps a computer connected to the internet. The only people who need remain behind in the library after midnight besides the students themselves is Ryerson Security, and I’m sure some of them wouldn’t mind putting in some extra overnight hours. Thanks again Ryerson Library for helping Ryerson’s students study more effectively.

  22. Extended hours are fantastic. I agree though that a 24hrs should be considered like most university libraries. Also saturdays should be opened earlier. Sundays are expected but saturdays should have weekday hours. Thanks for the extension during exams though its greatly appreciated!

  23. Having the Library open late, is a great idea. It actually fits into my schedule better because now I can go to school, go to work and come back to school, after that to use the library when I need to. I came from York University where one of the libraries is open 24/7 and I always found myself at the library at 2 or 3 am because I work late and sometimes that is the only study time i got. However, I enjoyed it because there was less congestion, and more quiet.
    This is a step in a great direction, thanks!

  24. Amazing and I am so so so thankful,
    I know a lot of people who are relying on the library as their only means of having a quiet place to study and where classmates can get together for group study sessions!

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