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Got a Suggestion? Try SoapBox

""The Library is excited to be taking part in the pilot of a new student feedback project called SoapBox.  Via SoapBox, students are encouraged to submit comments and ideas for making Ryerson a better place.  Once a suggestion has been posted on SoapBox, other students can then vote on it by clicking on a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down icon.  Suggestions receiving a significant number of votes are then forwarded to Ryerson staff for a response.  During the pilot project suggestions should relate to the Library or Student Services.  Try SoapBox now!

5 thoughts on “Got a Suggestion? Try SoapBox

  1. we understand that for security reasons students are now allowed to be sleeping. please create a designated area for naps where students will not be woken up by security and post up alerts that students can nap at their own risk.

  2. Hi Kenneth – the university’s policy towards napping has been unpopular with students for many years. I like your idea of a napping space on campus – please consider using Soapbox to post your idea and get feedback from fellow students. If other students agree with you and give a ‘thumbs up’ to the idea, this will provide evidence to the university that the idea has strong support on campus. Thanks!

  3. Hey RULA!

    Could you please consider getting disinfecting wipes for your computer workstation and desks. Its cold and flu season and the library is packed with sick students who are studying for midterms.
    Both the RAC and MAC athletic facilities have handy disinfecting wipes for their equipment, why can’t the library do the same for their shared workstations?
    A grossed out student.

    • Hello – we currently have special wipes available at the Research Help Desk on the main floor that can be used to disinfect keyboards, monitors, etc., which won’t harm the equipment. For safekeeping, we don’t keep them on the desks. Staff can retrieve them upon request, but we’ll look at making them more visible, and stocking greater supplies, particularly during cold/flu season. We’re also looking at disinfecting computer workstations on a more regular basis in the near future. Given the high volume of use in the Learning Commons during mid-terms, we hope this will help provide a more hygienic environment for students and staff. Thanks for your comments.

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