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Cancellation of ‘Long Form’ Census Questionnaire

The federal government has announced that the ‘long form’ part of the Census has been cancelled. The “long form” which goes out to 20% of households and is compulsory, is the part that supplies all the really interesting statistics about income, ethnicity, occupation, education, immigration status, travel to work etc.  Without this, the detailed neighbourhood information that has been derived from censuses for the last 35 years will not be available for research, policy decsions and comparative purposes.

The replacement is a new National Household Survey that will go out to 30% of households but be voluntary.  Voluntary surveys are known to have poor response rates from many groups especially the low income, less educated and immigrant populations as well as those with higher incomes.

To learn more or register your viewpoint see (updated August 9, 2010):

3 thoughts on “Cancellation of ‘Long Form’ Census Questionnaire

  1. Why is RULA getting involved into political discussion in the first place?

    Also, while Canadians are more or less split on this issue, I can’t help but notice that all URLs in this article favour one side of the debate.

    Why is RULA taking one side of a political debate?

    Library’s purpose should be to facilitate learning and maintain knowledge resources, not engage into promoting political views held by a subset of Ryerson population.

  2. All libraries need the long form census in order “to facilitate learning and maintain knowledge resources.” The long form census provides data used in numerous disciplines studied at Ryerson University, such as history, journalism, cultural studies, to name a few. Faculty and students should continue to join the debate.

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