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Quiet Study during Exams

With exams fast approaching, many students have expressed concern about the need for quiet study space in the Library. The Library has asked Security to increase their patrols of the quiet study floors during this period, which includes floors 6, 9 and 10. We would ask students to respect their peers and be mindful of the need for quiet study, particularly on these floors. If students encounter others who are not respecting quiet study, please contact one of our service desks on the main floor with details. Staff can then contact Security, who can then visit the location in question as soon as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation, and best of luck with exams!

6 thoughts on “Quiet Study during Exams

  1. Security must send all of these noise makers out.No excuse!
    And do not let them in for the rest of the term.

    It's a good start, but if the security does patrol frequent enough to do not give chance to these people to drive others crazy.


  2. The quiet study floors are always full during the exam periods. You might get a space if you come when the library opens around 8AM. The other floors are crazy. It's super noisy. People just stay there to watch movie and chit chat. It's seriously super noisy. I thought it's a library, isn't it supposed to be quiet no matter which floor it is? Having quiet study floor is good but also making other feels they can make unnecessary noises on the other floors. After all, it is a library!!

  3. Even I think these people who do not study must be ask to leave. The just take a seat which others can use it to study!

    They do not study and they interrupt others as well.

  4. I always approach people myself if they're making noise on these floors. By the time you gather your belongings, go downstairs, and the desk dispatches security, the big-mouthed students will be gone. Might as well just confront them yourself in a respectful manner by reminding them that no one on the floor wants to hear about who so and so banged and exactly how many tequila shots they splashed down at Circa last night. So they can leave to chat about that somewhere else- where there aren't hundreds of students painstakingly trying to study.

  5. hmm…i’ve never heard such conversations about so and so banged _____.
    ..i guess i’m too deep in my studying.

    you’ve probably guessed by now i’m just procastinating at this moment. I’ve got one more to go. wish me luck!

    bill, bill, bill

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