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The 10th Floor is for Silent Study

As many of our users have indicated a need for more silent study space, the Library has recently initiated a pilot project to designate the 10th floor as a Silent Study Floor, with the following rules now in place:

No talking or whispering
No group study
No use of cell phones – turn cell phones off
Minimal and quiet keyboarding
Mute all audio – no headphones
No eating

Let us know what you think about the silent study floor by posting comments.

61 thoughts on “The 10th Floor is for Silent Study

  1. I love it. I hope it continues since I enjoy having complete silence to work and study in a useful location like the library.

    Also, there are many floors for work other than silent study, so I think one floor designated for this purpose is fair!

  2. I'm very happy to hear about the silent study. Sometimes I need silence to concentrate, and when someone's eating a bag a chips next to me, it just drives me crazy. I will definatly be making use of the silent study.

  3. 10th floor quiet study space is great! only if others respected this and didnt hold group meetings or conversations on this floor! its very irritating!

  4. Some other rules students are expected to obey:

    No gum chewing
    No texting
    No coughing
    No sneezing

    Lets all work together to make Ryerson's 10th floor the most anti-social, geek-friendly space on campus!

  5. I think the silent study floor is excellent. I cannot study with people talking all the time. I wish there were more silent study floors!

  6. I love the idea of a silent study floor but "mute all audio – no headphones" is a little excessive, don't you think? Granted, there are some people out there who believe using their headphones permits them to keep their music/audio on full blast, but as long as I can't hear your music while I'm sitting next to you, I see no reason why we shouldn't allow headphone usage. Otherwise, I think it's a great idea!

  7. No coughing?
    No sneezing?

    Isn't that a little extreme? I mean if you're sick then maybe but you can't help the odd scratchy throat or the random ithcy nose!

    And is anyone going to enforce these rules? If not, it's not gonan happen.

  8. Although I greatly appreciate and support the "silent floor", I totally disagree with "no headphones" rule!
    I don't like the security come and tell me, "no headphones" although nobody around me, I even asked the guy beside me to prove this, could hear it.
    This rule should definitely be taken out!

  9. Although I greatly appreciate and support the "silent floor", I totally disagree with "no headphones" rule!
    I don't like the security come and tell me, "no headphones" although nobody around me, I even asked the guy beside me to prove this, could hear it.
    This rule should definitely be taken out!

  10. Thanks Ryerson for finally making the library a place where students can actually study. I've been going to the U of T libraries to study because it is impossible to do so at ours. Embarrassing.

    I also agree that the 'no headphones' rule is slightly excessive. As long as you are not disturbing your neighbours, headphones should be permitted.

    And one last thing for the people who thought this joker was serious: the coughing and sneezing thing, yeah those are not actual rules… That's just someone being obnoxious. Probably one of the many people who mistakes the library for a social venue. You have the rest of campus for that!

  11. I find that a Silent Study floor is a great idea! Everyone can drop by the library and do some more quiet study. Regarding the rules, everything is fine, but "no headphones" is too extreme. Instead, I think it should be rephrased as, "people who need background music to focus on study materials should lower the volume of the audio device".

  12. I like all the ideas, but seriously? No headphones? If no one can hear anything then allow it, if someone is listening at full blast then yea warn the person.

  13. To be honest, this is a pretty good idea but this girl beside me is just MUNCHING on an apple and its incredibly irritating.

  14. Great idea. Should change the no headphones rule. I am listening to music right now while studying because I am also in a music class and need to memorize some music pieces. So, if a security guard actually tells me to remove my headphones, I won't be pleased. Change that rule please.

  15. I wish that people were more respectful of others doing school work around campus regardless of where it happens to be. I'm in the student lounge in the VIC building and there is a group of younger people, probably froshies SCREAMING instead of talking. I know I'm in a lounge but that is excessive.

    Def like the idea of an extra silent study floor, however, the other quiet study floors in the library are always very conducive to studying- if you can find a spot.

  16. Are we in a concentration camp??? Seriously? I didn't know as University Students my bodily functions like sneezing are controlled. No texting? Who knew my TOUCH SCREEN THAT IS SILENT could bother the person beside me…
    Quiet keyboarding? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? is it my fault my fingers are strong …

    This is going to far … i agree with talking… but no sneezing, coughing, gum chewing, HEADPHONES, silent texting??? ..

    Whats next? NO BREATHING???

  17. I completely agree with the last comment, i didn't know i was paying tuition to be treated like im living in a dictatorship where all my actions are controlled by low educated security on power trips, that simply just love to harass you for the slightest thing, i'm not paying for someone to tell me my typing or my breathing is too loud, honestly people i'm all for silent studying but seriously being told not to cough or sneeze or any other bodily function thats just plain ridiculous.
    We're university students who pay for ryerson services and learning, not to be treated as prisoners.

  18. Thanks to everyone for their comments – we've got a wide variety of perspectives here, which is great. As this is a pilot project, we will evaluate the success of the Silent Study Floor, and take all of these comments into account as well.

    The Library's student advisory committee, which is comprised of undergraduates, graduate students and CE students, was very involved in helping us develop the guidelines for silent study. This group meets regularly with Library representatives, so we will certainly discuss the comments posted here at future meetings.

  19. I think it's great that this is being added, it's usually hard to find a spot on the other quiet floors, and most people don't stay quiet there either. I noticed one comment above from a student who studies at U of T. I thought I was the only one! Ryerson should be embarrassed at the lack of proper study space for its students. Something I think a lot of people don't consider is that many people, myself included, have learning disabilities that make it very difficult to concentrate when there are conversations going on around them. And yes, eating is distracting too – I don't want to hear crunching and slurping and other gross noises when I'm trying to do work! Instead of complaining about a "dictatorship", think about how your behaviour is affecting others.

  20. like the general trend above I agree that a quiet study space is a great idea but I disagree with the no headphones rule.

    It should be revised to allow students to listen to music if others can't hear it (i.e. i have noise isolating earbuds)

  21. I don't think the no headphone rule is such a bad idea. I don't think headphones are a problem if no one can hear your music, but sometimes people play their music a little too loud and you can overhear it. This can be annoying, but it is a hassle to ask them to turn it down.

    Maybe if people want to use headphones, they could study on the 6th or 9th floor, where it is quiet study but not silent?

  22. great idea, much needed.QUIET means NO NOISE and that includes HEADPHONES. if you are using headphones, noise won't be an issue; therefore go somewhere else.

  23. The no headphones rule blows. i think it's ridiculous. I can understand some of the other rules but the no headphones one has got to go

  24. The 'no headphones' rule is stupid, as long as the sound in the headphones are not heard by anyone else around them, it should be fine. Some people use headphones to listen to lecture recordings and video tutorials to study for upcoming midterms and exams.

  25. Honestly, even if you don't agree with the no eating or the no headphone rule, its only ONE floor, you can go use your headphones and eat all you want on the other floors!

  26. Silent study is great, and should be promoted. But it if isn't enforced, it won't happen. Too many people think rules apply to everyone else and not them. I have just enjoyed two solid hours of non-stop talking by groups of students, despite others repeatly asking them to be quiet.

  27. Obviously a smart idea, I just can't believe it took this long. And since this IS a library shouldn't atleast 3 or 4 floors be silent study??

    I would also like to see better enforcement of this since people still continue to disrepect the silent and quiet study rules.

  28. not to be unpopular, but no headphones is a great rule. seriously: why do you need headphones to be in a silent study space? and, if you're wearing headphones, why don't you just study elsewhere??

    and to those who think the headphones aren't bothering others, you're dead wrong – most people are just too polite (maybe too passive-aggressive?) to say "yes, i can hear those, and yes, it is annoying."

    please, please, please, don't take out the "no headphones" rule.

    and good job, library folks!!

  29. The smartest thing RYERSON has done so far.Those of you who are against the headphone rule should go to other floors to study/listen to music.10th floor is for students who really want to study/revise their material.
    There is a reason we pay our big tuition fees and we need to maximize the use of it.Whenever some good thing like this happens we always have complaints from people :why not headphones/why not gum/why not silent talking/?
    It would be awesome if all floors except the main floor could be like this.I assure that the dropouts from this university will be much lesser and students will be more focused on their studies.
    If only they had classes with these rules…..its really distracting when students play computer games,eating,chewing gum, talking,giggling,sleeping(there are people who snore that's why).
    I encourage more strict rules to be enforced in Ryerson classes(including AMC theatre) at least for every students benefit(even to those who disagree:they will realise after they do better in tests).Many students skip classes for reasons like these and end up missing the privilege to learn in classrooms.

  30. The more disciplined a university is,the better the performance of the students will be.Some of us are in difficult programs like law,engineering so we usually dont find time to socialize everytime.
    Students need to realize that education is their priority and not social activities.Dont get me wrong,I do encourage social activities but first it should be studies as that's what we pay our fees for almost entirely.

    For many of us travelling to and from home takes time(I take close to 2 hrs),so it would be convenient to study in the library(with pin drop silence)and not waste time being distracted by noises(even small) around us.

    People dont realize that headphones can be distracting especially when they keep nodding their head/speaking to themselves
    (people with headphones sometimes do that)
    A person who listens to rock/pop music usually cannot resist shaking their heads.

    Note:You can find many places on campus to study and socialize at the same time.But how many places on campus can you find only silent studying(pin drop silence)?

  31. The headphones should not be used in complete silent rooms.
    People,silence means silence and that includes headphones.

    Its easy to loose focus and not get it back for a while(especially if the material is hard).

    The problem is Canada gives too much freedom to people around here and they usually misuse it.

    I never could study properly in high schools during classes because of the distractions(such as crunching chips,chewing gum and popping it,gossiping,talking,laughing,discussing movies/actors,headphones with music that can be listened) around me.Does this have to continue in university?

    Most teachers just continue on their lectures thinking that pin drop silence is not possible to be enforced to the class.

    I never had any silent room to study in high school except my house.I was hoping for much better places such as the 10th floor to exist in university.

  32. Rules(those that benefit everyone) are meant to be followed and not compromised.

    Many students do not admit that it is tempting to increase the volume even in quiet places because they want to listen to the maximum sound they are allowed to and when they try adjusting it,it can increase the volume and disturb a person near him/her.

    I could bring a chocolate cake to the 10th floor and eat it silently and say:I am eating silently and not disturbing anyone officer.

    So no headphones is the best rule for complete silent rooms along with no eating.

    If headphones are allowed,then eating should also be allowed.

  33. I'm loving the idea, finally I do not have to travel to yonge and bloor to get peace and quiet, Ryerson is kind of late compared to other universities but hey, whatever. 1 suggestion I would recommend is that they turn on ALL the lights. One thing I hate about Ryerson's library is that they turn off the lights and its dim as hell. Yea we have table study lights, but I believe that brighter lights = better concentration. How much power are they really saving for the one floor, cmon, were paying tuition for a reason, make use of the god dam lights.
    Thank you!

  34. This is a great idea, but its unfortunate that everyone can't respect the rules (even the stupid headphone one!). I'm sitting on the 10th floor right now listening to the 2-3 whispering conversations around me and a variety of computer noises, and a security guard has come around asking 2 people to take their headphones off.

    There should be more space like this on campus.

  35. At last Ryerson has come up with a smart idea.Its better now than later.
    Having security officers walking around is a great idea(2 minimum for 10th floor).It gives great comfort and honour to study in such a floor(10th floor)
    I have seen too many noisy so called study rooms.

    Students who dont like security officers are usually students who dont like being told what to do.

  36. Finally a place where serious students can do some work! The rest of this library is like the local pub. Now it would make sense to permanently close those damn 'group study' rooms. Kind of defeats the purpose to have a quiet study floor when a lot of the noise comes from the people in those rooms!?!

  37. We definitely need more rooms like the 10th floor.During exam time this floor may get crowded so we need more rooms for students to study in silent areas.
    The group study floors should be limited to only one floor because its too noisy there.Most students are listening to music on ipods/mp3 or talking. Students sometimes leave empty cans there.
    Chewing gum can be found under tables in classrooms,study floors in library.

  38. The no headphones rule is a nice idea and having security officers in the study room walking around and reminding those people who dont follow the rules is a good idea.
    Why did it take Ryerson so long to have a room like 10th floor?

  39. The university has always held the position that sleeping on campus poses a security issue, and Security act accordingly. Theft does occur in the Library, and in other locations on campus, so if you are asleep, you are much more vulnerable to this kind of activity.

  40. The number of computers RU makes available to students in the library is a testament to the fact that RU is clearly emerging as the leader in the area of digital access not only to the internet, but having programs from Adobe, SPSS etc, available online is quite amazing. RU is clearly a model of how to provide University education in a large urban inner city setting. U of T and York U, could learn much from the RU library set-up, in terms of access and availability of computers and printing both color and b&w.; I'm totally impressed, if you're not, try visiting some local university/college campuses and compare.

  41. Good idea but without enforcement there are still a lot of people talking, on their cell phones etc. Also why are the washrooms so messed up at ryerson, i think its a mix of the students and the housekeeping budget.

  42. Is it possible security officers in other floors as well? What if the 10th floor is full without any seat?
    We need more floors like 10 floor fr complete silent studying.

  43. yes…. KEEP IT… its a great idea
    and YES, MUTE ALL AUDIO. having headphones is still very distracting especially when the person cannot judge how loud the volume is. ITS PERFECT I CAN ACTUALLY GET WORK DONE………. KEEEP IT…

  44. I agree, the floor is usually crowded during the prime times to study.

    Also no one really follows the quiet/minimal keyboarding, there is always someone who is either typing loud or has a labtop with a really loud fan.

    And can't we move alot of the books on the silent study floors to other floors? thus giving more space to study ie some large tables instead of cubicles.

    Though i find most of the issues comes from one or two students who aren't following the rules, couldn't there be a librarian posted on these rules just to enforce the silent aspect of the floor?

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