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Trial of New Self-Checkout Machine

The Toronto Metropolitan University library is currently conducting a trial of Sentry Technologies’ new QuickCheck/SelfCheck machine. QuickCheck is a fully integrated self-service station that allows you to checkout and renew your items in a fast and secure way. It has an intuitive and easy to use touch screen monitor and offers step-by-step instructions.

Try the new self-check unit and give us some feedback! It’s easy, fast and will save your time on your next check-out! If you have any comments or suggestions, please email or “Post a Comment” on this page. Your suggestions are very much appreciated.

12 thoughts on “Trial of New Self-Checkout Machine

  1. Hi, thanks for your comments. I am interested to know more about your experience. A couple of things to be aware of: you need to leave your library card in the machine until you finish all transactions. When scanning the book barcode, please don’t take it out too fast — wait a second or two for the book to be desensitized.

    Since this is a short trial, we didn’t have time to customize all of the screen tutorials and instructions. For the real implementation, we will try our best to make it more intuitive and easy-to-use. Please don’t forget that you can always ask the circulation staff to demonstrate the unit for you.

  2. I thought the library already had self-check out machines. Were they replaced with these new ones, or are these machines additional to the existing machines?

  3. Hi Jenelle!
    Yes, the library had two older models but they are not very user friendly. We are looking at adding new ones with touch screen monitors, in addition to the existing ones. Right now we are in the process of evaluating different products in the market. If you have any suggestions please let us know!

  4. Wouldn’t it be great to go back to the good old fashioned “person at the counter” checkout? Who wants to deal with machines anyways?

  5. Hi there, the biggest benefit is the reduced wait-in-line time. The circ desk is always busy with patrons lining up for various services such as laptop loans and other enquires. With self-checkout you have more flexibility. Some patrons may prefer not to deal with anyone for privacy and anonymity reasons. This on the other hand, gives library staff the opportunity to focus on the improvements of other services.

  6. I have tried RFID technology is a great concept but impractical. The new machines I haven’t tried yet, they do look like the old ones, which I did not find major problems such as not reading the item barcode which occurs frequently with some other library systems.
    Hope the new self-check out machines do work well for print and AV materials, too.

    One thing about the counter, I certainly would like a larger counter space so that I can place my backpack on one side (checked out items) and the other side to place unchecked out items.


  7. Hi Sycal -good point! Due to limited physical space in the library, we have to consider the size of the machine and the furniture configurations. However, we will try to make the usable counter area as large as possible. We are also thinking of putting a corian top to make it durable for all the heavy books and backpacks!

  8. I have tried the self checkout it’s a great way of reducing waiting time. It is also very user friendly. An excellent alternative to have when checking out material.

  9. When it works, there are many benefits to using a machine like this.

    When I tried to use it (having followed ALL of the instructions properly and being well- versed with these types of machines) the machine failed.

    Constant maintenance and supervision is probably required to maintain it.

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