4th Floor Now Open

Study space is one of the most important on-campus resources for students, and the Library has recently renovated the 4th floor to increase the amount of study space available.

The 4th floor, which was previously occupied by the School of Urban Planning, now consists of two large open areas to accommodate group and individual study. There are numerous electrical connections in these areas to facilitate the use of laptops and several LCD panels equipped with retractable VGA cables that can be connected to laptops to enable group work. Most of the furniture is mobile, which will provide students with the flexibility to arrange the seating in a variety of configurations depending on their study needs. Wireless connectivity is available throughout the floor.

The open study area on the north side of the floor can be reconfigured to accommodate special events seating an audience of up to eighty. The area is equipped with a sound system and 2 large LCD panels that can be used to display presentations.

In addition to the two open study areas, there are two bookable group study rooms equipped with computers and LCD panels, one of which has a Smartboard overlay. The Library’s Special Collections, which were previously housed on the 1st floor, have also been relocated to the 4th floor with a generous open space that includes a reading/study area and staff offices. Two large illuminated display cases have been installed to provide opportunities to better showcase the collection.

Graduate Studies have been allocated space on the floor for a graduate reading room, as well as lounge space for students in the Immigration & Settlement and Environmental Management programs. The reading room and the lounges will be accessible to graduate students only.

A barrier free unisex washroom is also available on the floor in addition to a men’s and a women’s washroom.

20 thoughts on “4th Floor Now Open

  1. The new floor looks great and feels spacious but the problem is that there should be walls or cubicles to muffle the voices of the students when there are students working in groups. Another suggestion is that there should be more tables and white boards for table uses. Lastly, the new fourth floor is a great addition to the library and the decor and colour scheme promotes peace and tranquility, a perfrect environment to learn and work.

  2. The new addition looks fantastic, my only comment has to do with the noise level in the library. I think cell phones should be banned and conversation levels should be no louder than a whisper.

  3. This is a beautiful floor and a great service to students.

    My comment is that it is starting to become noizy at times and impossible to study.

    To keep it a quiet environment, is there anything that can be done to ensure that this is kept for individual study only?

    Some students are using it for group study, instead of booking a room.
    thank you.

  4. Thanks for the comments. The 4th floor open study area is meant for collaborative group work. Individual quiet study is available on floors 6, 9 and 10, or in the Graduate Student Reading Room on the 4th floor.

  5. I like using the floor very much for quite group work, however I find that there are too many undergraduate students using the lounge area. They can get quite noisy.

  6. Why is everyone complaining about the noise thats why it’s “group study” if you want quiet you should probably use the individual study floors like on 8 or 9. the new floor looks great.

  7. If the quiet study floors were quiet, nobody would complain about the fourth floor being too loud. The sad truth is, the best place to study is the Gerstein library at u of t, or metro reference library. The library is simply too loud and it is impossible to get any work done without earplugs, and even then, you have to content with the gaggle of giggle girls and the hordes of boys laughing at something on the laptop.

  8. You know what. Go home and study. library is defined as:
    a place set apart to contain books, periodicals, and other material for reading, viewing, listening, study, or reference, as a room, set of rooms, or building where books may be read or borrowed.

    So deal with it.

  9. Well, actually….

    The library *IS* meant for studying…. It’s in the list of things you just listed. And the reason the libraries fill up during exam time is just for that very reason.

    Really, go to any other university or college library, they do just that, they STUDY in there!

    I am dealing with the noise, by studying elsewhere… and I will probably not make donations when I graduate… Because quite frankly, I will have quite a bit to contribute when I graduate… And the extra hoops I jump through, making my life difficult because the university administration just can’t be bothered caring about it… Well, it won’t be forgotten when it comes to donation time.

  10. ummm well correct me if i’m wrong but there are specific floors for “QUIET studying”
    so I don’t know why people are crying over noise levels on a floor so open and designed for dialogue.

  11. The areas reserved on the 4th floor for graduate students should be monitored to ensure that ONLY graduate students are using them. Frequently I visit the reading room to find no seats and students who are clearly NOT graduate students.

  12. The Graduate reading room is filled with undergrads and they are noisy. We need this room access controlled. Please!s

  13. Great for the grad students, really, i’m not bitter that I have to use the u of t libraries because us lowly undergraduates have NO quiet space on campus. NONE!

    People use cellphones all over the library, the signs that say, “speak quietly” are a mockery since people are pretty much yelling around them. The quiet floors are as much a mockery as you could imagine.

    I’m glad you’re giving the grad students a patrolled study room. But what about the rest of us?

  14. Hello – I neglected to mention in my previous post that Security will increase patrols of all quiet study areas in the Library – including 6, 9 and 10, as well as the 4th floor Reading Room.

    Thanks for commenting.

    Cecile Farnum

  15. I love the 4th floor of the library. Now I just wish the rest of the school would be done up nice just like it. The Dungeon in Kerr Hall, the lounge in KHE on the 2nd floor, the upper level of the Hub, the lounge areas in POD, the lounge areas in EPH, pretty much the whole school needs to be exactly like the library's 4th floor and then there won't be traffic issues because people will be able to enjoy the new amenities in more places than one.

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