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  1. Why you come to the Library?

    So far I am enjoying the use of the library via remote (DE) to research information applicable to my curriculum.

    Reference desk was very helpful.

  2. I think quiet space in the single carrels and the “quiet floors”- 6,9,10 need to be reniforced so that learning can actually happen (similar to U of T’s libraries). Perhaps security could do this, rather than being on the 2nd floor??

  3. I use it to study, get research material and print or photocopy what I need. I find the referrance desk staff helpful and friendly.

  4. Who enjoys that space? you must be one sick puppy! the air is bad ( blast furnace onthe main floor), the stacks floors are dark and dirty, and there aren’t enough books for me to do my work cuz everything I look for is always missing or signed out. have u ever been to the photocopier floor… now there’s ugly!

  5. the library needs more designated places for groups to be able to meet and do work – that way those studying alone aren’t interrupted

    in general, the library doesn’t seem to have enough space for students during the winter months – the computers are always occupied and it’s rare to find a desk during exam season

    i do find that people are quiet on the quiet floors despite what a previous poster said

    the staff is also very friendly

  6. As a user of the Ryerson library, I find it very difficult to have group meetings since there are limited space to meet with a group. I would like to see more resources dedicated to group meeting rooms since many assignments are group assignments and normally the best place to meet is at school.

  7. An “anonymous” comment left on this blog indicates that the writer has taken advantage of, or is at least familiar with, the University of Toronto libraries. “Anonymous” also refers to the security presence in the Ryerson University library, which many patrons, even occassional ones, find uncomfortably strong and infeffectual, especially when compared to U of T.

    Naturally, this is consistent with the overbearing security presence everywhere else on campus as well. But unlike the halls in Jorgenson or other places where such a high degree of policing is genuinely merited, the library is a (mostly) quiet place where students come to study, alone or in groups, do research and generally pursue other activities related to the cultivation of creativity and the intellect. Thus, the host of security guards, who are not present for any such reasons, generates a subtle but distinctive prison-like atmosphere of mutual mistrust, anxiety and the uncanny feeling of being watched.

    In contrast, U of T assumes a certain level of maturity in their students (adulthood), and there are libraries with no security presence at all. I think specifically of the unique Hart House library, where one can take off one’s shoes, read or write for hours without being disturbed, and the “right and responsabilities” of library patrons are printed on leaflets available to consult if necessary.

    However, comparing two very different institutions overmuch can be unproductive. So, I would like to mention, finally, and with some emphasis, that I was shocked and angered by the flatscreen TV that has recently (as of last year) been installed at the entrance to the library. Its position is strategic, so that no student can avoid being hit with whatever news programme or advertisement is currently being shown. This piece of technology offends the senses and one’s social conscience, which tends to regard the library (and the university generally) as a last bastion of free thought and independent action. Television, even if its most benign, even educative form, should be a choice, not a compulsory experience, for students and staff who use the library.

    Having that screen assault entrants with Oil of Olay or CNN is no better than other insidious forms of advertising, to which we are subjected through no choice of our own, such as billboards and internet pop-ups. It is indecent to pander to such obviously interested parties like the news networks and corporations, and worse: because its location clearly indicates that it’s not at TV to be watched (trust me, I tried. But when I brought a chair and sat down, security asked me to “clear” this “pedestrian traffic area”). Quite clearly, it’s there merely to be passed by: but it doesn’t take more than a few steps to take in a sound-byte, a fact of which those who endorsed (or sponsored?) the idea of having a TV in that precise location were very well aware.

    If the University Library staff and managers care at all for the quality and integrity of the student experience and the reputation of the institution in which they work, they would do well to consider carefully their responsabilities in light of these important issues and act rightly according to both.

  8. i beg to differ about the “quietness” on quiet floors. I constantly hear people on their cell phones or talking to their friend beside them. as a user since 2000 when I did my undergrad, to 2005 as a grad student, I have noticed a HUGE difference in the library space, but the immaturity students who think it’s okay to be distributive- has got to stop.

  9. I am a fourth year engineering student. I would like to express a general sentiment of dissatisfaction with Ryerson’s Library on the following basis.

    1. The library has inadequate operating hours. I feel an 8:30am start time is late, and have on many occasions been forced to find alternate work locations early in the morning. As a commuting student, I feel the school facilities should be open especially early for those students who arrive early. In addition to the late opening time, there have been countless study nights cut short by the library’s early closure. If Ryerson is to prosper as a University, it seems, at least to me, that it should keep the doors to it’s largest information resource open to its pupils for a maximum, rather than a minimum, amount of time.

    2. I do not feel the space usage issues being addressed in this survey can be easily resolved. The Ryerson library is becoming too small to sustain the student population. It is my opinion, therefore that Ryerson should begin exploring a new location for its library in order to resolve space issues. As an extension to my first point, I would like to point out that if students weren’t constrained to the library’s brief operating hours, they’re usage may find itself more spread out, thus relieving the loads during the middle of the day.

    Thank you for your consideration, I hope this feedback will help.

  10. I come to library to borrow books for research topics. I also use the rooms in 8-10th floor to do group studies with fellow classmate. Yet, I think library is way over crowed and noisy.

  11. Please Please Please get rid of those ancient books. NOT USEFULL EVER. Never Taken out books from the library. WE need more Computers.

  12. How about a bit of innovation in the way journals are stored/accessed? It’s like a maze in there… could they be divided into smaller sections, with seating areas interspersed? So if I’m looking for architecture, I can go to one group of carrels, see all the architecture journals, sit down right there at a table, then get up again and get another… you get the picture :)

  13. I think there need to be more quite study areas. Finding a desk at 2pm on a tuesday is impossible!!! I also agree that quiet study needs to be reinforced, such as cell phone ringing.

  14. More quiet study areas would be beneficial especially (as someone mentioned) during the exam seasons, it’s difficult to find an avalable study carrel. Not to mention the availability of computers.. never have I walked into the library and immediately had access to a free computer. Alternate locations of computer labs should be posted so that people aren’t frustrated standing around waiting for someone to finish up. Also, a friend of mine from U of T pointed this out when we were in the Library trying to print a mere two pages, and there were no free computers.. Why aren’t there computers dedicated specifically to this? Just to be able to log in, select print and log out. If nothing else, I’d love to see this implemented.

  15. I have attempted to use the library on several occasions to study or read between classes but find the noise level completely unreasonable (yes, even on the so-called “quiet” floors). People talk on cell phones, do group work, talk with friends, and run between tables giggling — all where there are individual study carrels. Last week I had to switch desks THREE times before I gave up & left the library altogether. Just because you post a sign that tells people to be quiet doesn’t mean they will be. Likewise, assuming that university students are “mature adults” assumes too much.

  16. One thing the library definitely needs more of is more computers. It’s jam-packed in the library around noon time and its very difficult to get access to a computer. I suggest another floor dedicated to computers. Other than that the recent renovations done to the library have been pretty nice. Renovations on the other floors would be nice tho.

  17. I actually like having the books to look for research in the library, the computer can sometimes be frustrating to find information and not always that easy to use. The reference desk is very helpful, especially if you don’t know exactly what you are trying to find. I think we need more computers in the library, or rules should be enforced if they are not being used for school work purposes ie. Not for checking email, msn etc…

    The atmosphere should be as comfortable on every floor as it is on the 2nd.

  18. I have to wait sometimes more than hrs to check my email and it’s very crowded during midterm and exam; essencially we need more space to study convertabily..

  19. I have used the library facilities for both, individual and group study. I find the staff very helpful and supportive with my research. I love the convenience of being able to book study rooms on line, for group study/collaboration. I would like to see a “no cell phone usage” policy enforced to respect quiet study time of other patrons.

  20. too many ppl talk on their cell phones around ppl who are studying. you would never see this around other universities like UofT, ppl walk away to take the call. need more security around floors 9 and 10.

  21. yeah, a bigger library is needed. More comuters, more books (post 1990 please), and the operating hours need to be increased.

  22. Yes, as someone mentioned above :” please get rid of obsolete books and get more computers w/ internet and print access”

  23. I personally feel that the ryerson library does not have enough resources. For every project I have done, I have found better sources ath TorontoRef. library and uofT libraries. They seem to be more resourceful, well funded and most updtaed ones. Whereas Ryerson library is probably a little better than an average public library. Library should be open at least till 12 at night and open at 6 in the morning. Opening it at 830 is way too late.

    Library is very small considering the expanding size of ryersonU. convert half of jogerson hall into a library and create more individual study desks levels in the library so that we dont have to look for empty desks.

    Also the Dell PCs might be cheap but accessing the sound slot and the usb port is next to immpossible. So buy BETTER & MORE PCs.

    Our uni. is way to small in general!! How about expanding it and giving it a more university feel??

  24. I find the Library creepy, unfriendly, uninviting, hard to use.. and old…

    my sujestion to most ppl was just try something else, like the Toronto Reference instead…
    i don,t see a lot of hope for the ryerson library in my future school years here… but maybe this survey will bring magical change about?

    good luck!

  25. I think that the library could use MORE QUIET AREAS for those who want to read and study. I only go to the library to study and I think that group work can be done in many other places than the library. I think that most group work in the library is just an excuse for socializing (or because they are just killing time and have no place else to go) and most of the group work conversations that I am abnoxiously forced to overhear are “What did you do this weekend? oh, my weekend was blah, blah, blah…”. I do not appreciate these distractions as I am a serious student who uses the library to study and read. How is anyone supposed to concentrate with a group socializing or chatting beside them? It seems to me as though setting up “quite areas” is not enough to keep most people quiet in those areas so I hope that you put in some kind of structures or “cells” that are more private, quiet, and that discourage talking as security does not seem to be able to handle this adequately enough (and it isn’t even their fault they do a good job and try but they are fighting a loosing battle because the structure and setup of the library encourages talking).

  26. I also am a commuter and often need a place just to read and study. Generally, I find there are not enough spaces anywhere on campus, especially if you want to sip a coffee. I like the lounge area on the 10th floor with the comfortable chairs because I have arthritis and the regular chairs are difficult to sit in after awhile. But I dislike the way that area gets chatty sometimes. I can’t really blame my fellow students, though. The problem is that there are not enough attractive or flexible spaces for students to work together, plug in computers, take a nap, etc. So I see this problem as being more than a library problem. In the short term, please enforce quiet areas. I think you’re doing a great job with the resources you have. But we’re growing by leaps and bounds and need another library, some quiet study lounges, a study lounge where you can eat, etc.

  27. I hear that sometimes it is not worth going to the library because it is so hard to find a table to work at. when i’ve been there it is busy but most time I found a seat.

  28. I think the group study rooms need to be closed off completely, top to bottom so that they do not disturb others trying to study.

    The library could use some more private, quiet study areas, away from the elevators and cell phone zones.

    Carpets need to be replaced, they’re filthy and more heating in winter months.

    Maybe more up to date books for research purposes.

  29. I have been a student at Ryerson for only a few months, and I can relate to every post I have read.

    I agree that the library staff are extremely helpful and friendly.

    I agree that better books and newer books should be available. I actually need written permission from my teacher to use books written earlier than 1980! Although the interlibrary loan service is a good option, the delivery time for those books should be quicker (within a few days).

    I also agree thet the air quality is quite bad especially when the library is busy. It can be quite oxygen deprived up there!

    The washrooms (ladies) are usually terribly messy.

    I think that the suggestion of having extended hours of operation is very good.

    I think that the suggestion of considering additional space for the library and it’s services is very good. Perhaps group meetings could be accomodated in another building(s) designated for that purpose. Perhaps this area could be free of library stock and therefore be available for extended periods of time to students who require quiet/group study areas.

    I haven’t noticed the tv when entering the library…but the points made by that author are valid and should be taken under serious consideration. Not just about the tv, but also the points regarding the role of the security staff.

    I am an interior design student, and like the apparent Architecture student that posted, I feel the layout and organization of the library could be greatly improved.

    I hope that this is constructive feedback. I have found my library experience, for the most part, quite pleasant.

  30. Coming from High School, I actually enjoy Ryerson’s library. It’s much larger than anything High Schools have and there are many computers. With that said, the needs have changed and seems like there are many students wanting computers in “peak hours” and its hard to find places to study. On the surface it looks like a lot but in truth, its adequate but there’s always room for improvement.

    The “Silence” is obeyed by most in the library.

    I wouldn’t want to feel like I’m “being watched” in the library but at the same time an order must upheld. With that said, I suggest more frequent security walk arounds (just to be seen on each floor by the elevators, not so much “checking each room”).
    I feel comfortable as it stands now.

    I too agree with that lack of group space in the library. The older wooden carrels on the floor available for talking is not setup so that a group can use them easily.

  31. The staff seem to be the only good thing about the Ryerson library. However the numerous negative aspects of the library seem to take away from this. For one, it is too small, too hot, too loud and too crowded. There aren’t enough computers, time or space to get any work done. Libraries are usually the cornerstone of any post-scondary institution. Ryerson and it’s students should recgonize that and treat it as such.

  32. The computers are very fast and so are the printers. Also, the 1st floor on the library is a very nice play to work at, but the lights there make the area very hot.

  33. People should be kicked out if their pagers or cellphones go off. It’s very rude, especially when they pick up their phones to talk.

  34. As someone mentioned, a university library should be the cornerstone of the institution. However, I am embarrassed by Ryerson’s library. It is in great need of repairs; to it’s furniture, carpets, windows, and the books NEED to be updated. Never have I been in a library with so much dust on the bookshelves, mainly because people are not using the books, since so many are from 1960-1982. I’m often forced to wait far too long for a computer…I realize computer’s are expensive and the library is in need of funds, but something must be done. The library needs to be more inviting, with comfy chairs on all levels for studying. The hours of operation MUST be expanded 8:30 am is a joke, and it should remain open until 12 am at the very least! The last university I attended had it’s library remain open until 2am, which was great, especially during exam time.

  35. As an Urban Planning student, I have to say that we need more recent books and access to more programs on the computer (ArcMap would be fabulous since most of us don’t get access to it anywhere at all).
    But otherwise, the library’s great… good place to study; work (my coworkers and I will meet up there for our meetings); and honestly, even if your books aren’t that up-to-date, I love the stuff you guys have online :D
    PS: For all of you people who compare Ryerson to UT, be realistic: our university’s a lot smaller for one thing. And my sister goes to UT and there’s times where I’ve had to borrow Ryerson books for her because they weren’t available at UT. Think about that!

  36. I almost always hate going to the library.For one it is too hot, especially in and around all the computers, second and speaking of computers someone is always waiting for one, sometimes for way too long.If you have ever tried to photocopy anything, no one is ever around to show you how to fit the contents on to one page, those who are around have no idea, as I found out last exam season.On a positive note, the quiet floors are quiet and the elevators come quickly.

  37. Positive and significant progress in spacing compared to previous years. However, due to increase in student population it would be nice if you had a few more computers. It’s daunting to know that you have a deadline to meet and are waiting in line for a computer just so that you can print your assignment.

    I tend to use the quiet study area on the 10fl for studying. One thing that annoys me is that the sofa area is meant for quiet study yet all I ever see is groups of people sitting there and talking…It’s quite annoying. I like the convenience of study cubicles with the option of sitting on a leather chair for reading.

    When I request assistance from staff they are always very helpful and able to put me at ease–they provide true customer service…and I don’t have a business background.

  38. You should subscribe to popular magazines so students can have drop in during their breaks to read for pleasure. Examples to subscribe to include “Car and Driver,” “Road & Track” and “The Hockey News.”

  39. As an engineering student, the library is my home away from home. The quiet study addition to the 6th is a really good, it has made the floor really usable, however group study has become hurting, 7th floor is like all wack half of it is like hurricane katrina hit it, you cant even use laptops cuz theres no power outlets.

    Anyway, all in all its good, 2nd floor looks sick still, good job on that, it makes it so much more respectable, some more group areas would make the library a better place.


  40. Is this it?? Just 48 comments! i thought there were more students who cared about what the library was going to be like. Wow this is seriously week university spirit!!

  41. sorry this is kinda late, but i hope this helps.
    I usually go to UofT’s Library to study cuz it’s quieter…especially Gerstain, it has such a group study area room and ALSO it is quiet study…I could actually hear the sound of the lights–that’s how quiet it is….compared to ryerson’s 10th floor quiet study—I don’t like how it is so small and with a big light shining RIGHT ON ME, it doesn’t feel good.
    We should have a quiet group study room, provided if ppl in our school can actually be quiet when they go there…it would be pretty wonderful. cuz studying with friends ( 4-7hrs) is positive peer pressure. at least it helps me to focus, maybe it’ll help others too.

  42. How about a few WiFi zones? A lot of students have laptops now, so it might reduce pressure on the fixed computer resources. You could also have loaner laptops (just for the library).

  43. I’m usually in the library for individual study. I find there aren’t enough study cubicles and computer terminals available during midday.

    The renovations on the 2nd floor are great. The other floors are in dire need of being updated- tear up that carpet. Get something done about the air flow system, the air quality is absolutely terrible. Not only is it a health issue, but the atmosphere on the other floors aren’t as great as the 2nd floor because their interiors are so outdated.

    As for the TV, I’ve never noticed it until someone mentioned it to me.

    The library staff is quite friendly and helpful. I’ve always had positive experiences.

  44. I was on the 10th floor one day.
    As a geography student I noticed that the seating area for students with disabilities was placed in a spatially problematic zone. If I was going to study in that specific seating area, I would have a problem concentrating. It is right next to the elevators. The elevator traffic and elevator destination sounds (You know, the bell sound: “ting”) would drive me insane; especially listen to those bell sounds (“ting”, “ting”…). As well, there are those soft sofas right next to this specific seating area. This is where, usually, the students sit at leisure makeing a bit more noise than usual, instead of being in a state of intense academia. If I was a disabled student, I would hate to only have that seating area at my disposal. I dont think thats fair to students who have no other option… unless there are other seats similar in better areas. I didnt have time to check the whole library.

  45. Enough problems. Here are some solutions:
    Consider expanding into the rest of Jorgenson Hall. The existing staff on the 1st floor (admissions, cashier’s office, etc) can be relocated to the OLD business building once the NEW business building is up, or some other building. That whole 1st floor area can be used as part of the library. Use it for a lounge where students can eat; use it for group study; and put some nice comfy furniture so students can chat. But don’t put any books there. This will free up space on the 7th and 8th to be used for books rather than group study. Get some cheap, used PCs and use them for print-only and e-mailing, and put them on the new 1st floor. This will solve your computer space crisis. After hours, keep only the 1st floor open and have security walking around. Enforce a quite time after hours.

  46. I would like to comment what someone said before:

    “…the library is a (mostly) quiet place where students come to study,… do research and generally pursue other activities related to the cultivation of creativity and the intellect. Thus, the host of security guards, who are not present for any such reasons, generates a subtle but distinctive prison-like atmosphere of mutual mistrust, anxiety and the uncanny feeling of being watched.”

    Many times when I was studying in the library – usually during afternoon hours. I do have the feeling of being mistrust, watch by the security gurards (that I can recognize) whom are “spotting” if you are actually studying. I bat many of us, esp commuters, lack sleep hours and are usually feel tire in school. AND I do think that it is acceptable to have a short nap in the middle of intense studying to refresh yourself (I prefer nap instead of going to the Eaton or eat out as my break). Yes, I had heard it was for security reasons to not tolerate “nap” or sleeping” at the library. But my main concern is privacy, and this is university – students (most are adults) should be trust, instead of being “watch”. This lack of privacy discourages me to choose studying frequently in library. I used to go there nearly everyday. But now, perhaps 2 or 3 times every 2 weeks.

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