Thao Lam

Thao Lam is a Toronto-based illustrator and art buyer who studied illustration at Sheridan College. She is passionate about children’s books and is very interested in visual storytelling. Skunk on a String, her first solo book, is a story-without-words told with cut paper collage illustrations.

 Skunk on a String book cover

Fiction (Juvenile, Picture book)(Stories without words)

Skunk on a String

Toronto: Owlkids, 2016.

Publisher’s Synopsis (from its website)

In Skunk on a String, we meet a skunk who has been tied to the tail of a balloon. Try as he might, the persistent critter can’t get anyone to untie him. In this wordless story, he is shooed and swatted through a bustling parade, past the windowpanes of the city’s apartment buildings with their diverse, busy inhabitants, then up to the construction cranes high above the city. He floats through the zoo, into traffic, under water, and eventually lands atop a Ferris wheel. When he finally unties himself, the skunk misses the aerial life — so he comes up with an inspired way to fly again.

Fiction (Juvenile, Picture book)(Stories without words)


Toronto: Owlkids, 2018.
Forthcoming Spring 2018

Publisher’s Synopsis (from its website)



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