Elsie Sze

Elsie Sze was born in Hong Kong in 1946 and graduated from the University of Hong Kong. She moved to Canada to pursue graduate studies in English literature at the University of Toronto. She has lived in Canada and the United States, worked as a teacher and a librarian, and now lives in Toronto, Ontario, where she is at work on a second novel.


Hui Gui: A Chinese Story

Willowdale, Ont.: BTS Publishing House, 2005.

Publisher’s Synopsis

Hui Gui, “returning home” in Chinese, has come to designate the British handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997, the pivotal event that launches this epic novel of twentieth century China and Hong Kong. Hui Gui transports the reader through time and place with the memorable story of Tak Sing growing up in war-torn China of the thirties and forties and leaving the mainland for Hong Kong as a refugee following the Communist takekover in 1949. Years later, as the clock ticks towards the handover, Tak Sing’s daughter Serena recalls her family’s stories of love and loss, courage and survival.


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