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Stanford Cheung

Stanford Cheung is a poet and musician from Toronto who is presently living in Montreal.

Poetry (Chapbook)

Any Seam or Needlework

Brooklyn, NY: Operating System, 2016.
Cover art: Quilt Drawing #12 by Daphne Taylor.
(Chapbook Series 2016: Of Sound Mind)

Publisher’s Synopsis

Inspired from the folk tune of the English ballad “Scarborough Fair,” where the third line of the stanza adopts the title of the collection, “Any Seam or Needlework” burns fiercely on a canvas to be nothing, yet nothing to be everything. Similar to a bronze gramophone record stuck on replay, each typographic confession sings naked on the podium for more unknown dissections. Though the first glance onto the page may be subtle with their canon at play, we begin to form a literary study on the relationships between the poet’s conscience and the mentality of the poem itself. Some say it’s as if the whole sentence becomes alive with each glance, or what’s worse, an ode to phonetic cult.

Poetry (Chapbook)

Comfort of Malice

Toronto: Inspiritus Press, 2018.

Publisher’s Synopsis (from its website)

Comfort of Malice engages with the process of documenting in the evening fields of Bamburgh Park attuned to the sounds of fairgrounds, transmission towers and other curiosities of an environment in migration. Accompanied by JC Bouchard’s photography is a multi-modal experience of the beautiful in conflict with the gritty, a notation against landscape.

Poetry (Chapbook)

Kite Tension

Toronto: Words(on)pages Press, 2017.

Publisher’s Synopsis (from its website)

Tinkering with the parameters of language and form, the poems in Kite Extension chart a patterned quilt of dreams, presenting dichotomies between the confessional present metonymy of everyday life against the apertures of a soundscape memory of the past. Through these two modes of existence, the speaker tries to find some rite of middle ground where he can make sense of the past and present being one unit. Kite Extension, with an air of paradoxical relevance, is the tapping between cosmic perspective and evacuated nature–what the poet calls “an unresolved trilogy on my sleeves.”


Structures from the Still

Baltimore: Akinoga Press, 2018.

Publisher’s Synopsis (from its website)

Structures from the Still is an imperative to recall and forge an internal landscape bound by kites, transmission towers, and the shifting sky — where seemingly unrelated subjects become the very acts of narrative and perception.


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