Prathna Lor

Prathna Lor is a doctoral candidate in the Department of English at the University of Toronto.  Prathna is the recipient of the Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship Doctoral Award from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and completing a dissertation on “Unthinkable Subjects.” Prathna’s second poetry chapbook 7, 2 (Toronto: Knife Fork Books) will be published in 2019.


Ventriloquism book cover

Poetry (Chapbook)


Portland, OR: Future Tense Books, 2010.
Also available as a Kindle e-book.

Publisher’s Synopsis (from its website)

Ventriloquism is the long-awaited print debut of this mysterious young Canadian author.

Lor’s quick stories are both darkly funny and emotionally unsettling, with a style that focuses heavily on amazing sentences and sexually ambiguous undertones.

Note: Kevin Sampsell, an editor at Future Tense Books observed in a blogpost that: “Ventriloquism features works that do that wondrous thing I love so much–when a piece of writing feels so fresh and original that you’re not sure if it’s prose poetry or flash fiction. It’s beautifully uncategorizable, with body parts flitting their way through deeper emotions that Lor’s language tries to dissect with grace and force and unexpected humour.”  Cf.


Publisher Future Tense Books