Shaun Mehta

Shaun Mehta, a freelance writer and teacher with an international MBA, lives and teaches in Toronto. He is working on a trilogy and a collection of short stories. Divya’s Dharma is his first published novel. His short story, Amal, was adapted to a short film by Richie Mehta in 2004.


Divya’s Dharma: A Novel

[Bloomington, IN.]: Authorhouse, 2004.

Publisher’s Synopsis

Divya, an East Indian Canadian, travels to Southern India as an exchange student where she is overwhelmed by its extraordinary beauty and ugliness, its vibrancy and hypocrisy. As Divya discovers the past that her family has desperately tried to conceal, she is faced with a daunting choice: to fulfill her role as a dutiful daughter, or to search her soul and follow her Dharma.
Divya’s Dharma is a story about tragedy, love, and spiritual growth. Issues such as India’s staggering poverty, appalling corruption, and the horrors of inter-caste wars are woven into a plot driven by characters and events that change Divya’s life forever.

Fiction (Short stories)

A Slice of Life: A Short Story Collection

[Bloomington, IN.]: Authorhouse, 2005.

Publisher’s Synopsis

A Slice of Life reminds us that in spite of our geographical, racial, and cultural diversities, it is our emotions that collectively bind us. We all feel fear, apathy, and despair as well as courage, passion, and love. We all search for a meaningful purpose in our quest for fulfillment. From hardship to triumph, we all ride this roller coaster called life.


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Information on film adaptation of Mehta’s short story Amal (published in A Slice of Life) from the Poor Man’s Productions, Ltd. website.