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Angela Misri

Angela Misri is a Toronto-based author who writes detective fiction for young adults inspired by the fictional detectives Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew and Hercule Poirot.  Misri has Master degree in Journalism from the University of Western Ontario and worked at CBC as a journalist. In addition to writing fiction, Misri develops websites, does freelance work and teaches journalism at Ryerson University.


The Detective and the Spy

Toronto: Cormorant Press, 2020.
Forthcoming April 26, 2020

Publisher’s Synopsis (from its website)

It’s taken years, but PORTIA ADAMS (22) has found an outlet for her obsessive curiosity as the consulting detective of 221 Baker Street, like her grandfathers before her. Scotland Yard taps her for their trickiest crimes, she’s in her last year of law school and finally things are heating up between Portia and her downstairs tenant, Constable Brian Dawes. But a bomb planted at a crime scene destroys everything she has fought so hard to establish.

She wakes up to a world she can’t communicate with, the sounds around her dulled and unintelligible and the words that come out of her mouth are garbled and incomprehensible. Brian was hurt in other ways, the burns on his hands and arms causing pain that makes him turn to the opium dens Sherlock Holmes was also known to frequent.

The bomber continues to wreak havoc all over London but no one will work with Portia – everyone from her allies at the Yard to the public itself dismisses the young detective as damaged goods. To make matters worse, a rabid spymaster at MI6 believes she’s involved in the bombings and Portia finds herself on the run having to relearn her skills in a deafeningly silent world

Jewel of the Thames book cover

Fiction (Juvenile)

Jewel of the Thames: A Portia Adams Adventure

[Halifax, N.S.]: Fierce Ink Press, 2014.
Portia Adams Adventures, Book 1
PS8626 .I827 J49 2014

Publisher’s Synopsis (from its website)

Set against the background of 1930s England, Jewel of the Thames introduces Portia Adams, a budding detective with an interesting — and somewhat mysterious — heritage. Nineteen-year-old Portia Adams has always been inquisitive. There’s nothing she likes better than working her way through a mystery. When her mother dies, Portia puzzles over why she was left in the care of the extravagant Mrs. Jones but doesn’t have long to dwell on it before she is promptly whisked from Toronto to London by her new guardian. Once there Portia discovers that she has inherited 221 Baker Street — the former offices of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.



No Matter How Improbable: A Portia Adams Adventure

[Halifax, N.S.]: Fierce Ink Press, 2016.
[North Charlston, SC: CreateSpace, 2017.]
Portia Adams Adventures, Book 3
PS8626 .I827 N626 2017

Publisher’s Synopsis

Be careful what you wish for.

A certain amount of celebrity is inevitable when you’re Sherlock Holmes’s granddaughter, especially when you’re also a consulting detective. But for Portia Adams, it’s getting to be a little much. She decides to escape the rabid London press by chasing a case all the way to Italy.

When she gets back, it seems that the media frenzy has finally run its course — but now she’s got bigger things to worry about. Sherlock Holmes is missing, his apartment burned to the ground. Her boyfriend, Gavin Whitaker, is acting strangely and spending too much time with unsavory people. And as if that weren’t enough, her best friend Brian isn’t speaking to her.

Can Portia right all that has happened in her brief absence or will she lose someone she loves to the gray London streets?


Pickles Vs. the Zombies

Toronto: DCB, an Imprint of Cormorant Books, 2019.

Publisher’s Synopsis

The comfortable life of Pickles, the calico housecat, is turned upside down when humans succumb to a zombie apocalypse. She doesn’t know where her “pet” – human child Connor – has gone, only that there are zombies everywhere.

Determined to find Connor, Pickles sets off with her cat friends and a streetwise raccoon, exploring a world she has only seen through a window. Fending off human zombies, street cats from the wrong side of the track, and a fearsome gang of chipmunks, Pickles and her crew search for remnants of human society.

Thrice Burned book cover


Thrice Burned: A Portia Adams Adventure

[Halifax, N.S.]: Fierce Ink Press, 2015.
[North Charleston, SC: CreateSpace, 2017]
Portia Adams Adventures, Book 2
PS8626 .I827 T47 2017

Publisher’s Synopsis (from its website)

As a diversion, Portia throws herself into work and continues to consult with Scotland Yard on their hard-to-crack cases, including a brazen theft that the perpetrator boasted about before it took place, as well as the disappearance of prostitutes. While on the trail of an arsonist she meets Annie, a resourceful reporter. They strike up a friendship and Annie starts to report on “P.C. Adams”, the consulting detective keeping London safe, but she promises to keep Portia’s true identity secret. Neighbor Constable Brian Dawes takes a shine to Annie just as Portia starts to question her own feelings for him. At the same time Portia attracts the attention of Gavin Whitaker, a medical student and her intellectual equal. He may just be the distraction she needs.


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Publisher Fierce Ink Press

Publisher Cormorant Books, owner of the DCB imprint