Ahmad Danny Ramadan

Ahmad Danny Ramadan was born in Damascus, Syria and lived in Lebanon prior to immigrating to Canada in 2014 as a refugee. While living in Lebanon, he wrote articles for the Washington Post about the Syrian civil war from the paper’s Beirut office. Now living in Vancouver, Ramadan is the outreach co-ordinator of QMUNITY, British Columbia’s Queer Resource Centre. His TEDx speech The Refugee Tree was published on YouTube.ca on March 9, 2017.


The Clothesline Swing

Gibson’s, BC: Nightwood Editions, 2017.
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Publisher’s Synopsis (from its website)

The Clothesline Swing is a journey through the troublesome aftermath of the Arab Spring. A former Syrian refugee himself, Ramadan unveils an enthralling tale of courage that weaves through the mountains of Syria, the valleys of Lebanon, the encircling seas of Turkey, the heat of Egypt and finally, the hope of a new home in Canada.

Inspired by One Thousand and One Nights, The Clothesline Swing tells the epic story of two lovers anchored to the memory of a dying Syria. One is a Hakawati, a storyteller, keeping life in forward motion by relaying remembered fables to his dying partner. Each night he weaves stories of his childhood in Damascus, of the cruelty he has endured for his sexuality, of leaving home, of war, of his fated meeting with his lover. Meanwhile Death himself, in his dark cloak, shares the house with the two men, eavesdropping on their secrets as he awaits their final undoing.

Awards and Honours

2018 Lambda Literary Award–Gay Fiction (Finalist)


Publisher Nightwood Editions

Interview by Brett Josef Grubisic in Plenitude Magazine (5 May 2017)