Parades and Picnics from Ryerson’s Past!

It is almost that time of year again…time for Ryerson’s parade and picnic.  The annual event has students marching down Yonge Street to catch the ferry for a day of music and fun on Toronto Island.  In honour of this rite of passage for all Ryerson students, please enjoy this selection of images of parades and picnics from decades past.

Picnic 1960: Principal Howard Kerr is second from right.

Ferry ride to the Island Picnic, 1963.

Photographic Arts float, 1963.

Picnic tug 'o' war, 1966.

Parade, undated.

Viking float, ca. 1987.

E.C.E. and Aerospace float, 1989.

Parade, 1994.

Eggy in the parade, 1994.