Lenin’s Hills = Горки Ленинские = Gorki Leninskie

Leningrad Studio of Documentary Films
S. Gulin
2 film reels (20 min.) : release print, col. ; 35mm
Lenfilm, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Films are not available for viewing. Digital copies may be requested and viewed onsite in Special Collections.
Associated material:
Original films are housed in the Russian State Film & Photo Archive in Krasnogorsk, accession # 27988

Scope and Content:

The film recounts the life and work of V. I. Lenin from fall 1918 to January 1924 by taking the viewer through a tour of his residence, popularly known as Lenin’s Hills. The film focuses on the scenery as it follows guided tours through the property, rooms and parks, including the main building and guest houses, their exterior and interior. The film also introduces the major events of Lenin’s life in that period, and shows some of Lenin’s personal possessions. Live footage of Lenin, his funeral and photographs, are incorporated into the production.

Film Clips (Windows Media Player Required):

  • View an original clip from the film
  • View highlights of the film, set to Rachmaninov: Symphony no. 2 Fust Rostislav.. Compilation produced by Olena Vivcharyuk, Ryerson student.


Read a complete transcription (PDF) of the film, translated into English.